Four Pillars Mental Conditioning Level 2

Level 2 focuses on advanced training for high intervals, recovery training, overcoming setbacks and getting you ready for Level 3--Race Preparation.
Many athletes attribute their mental conditioning to much of their success, yet spend no time actually training their minds. This two-week course will give you specific skills to use your head for more than just a place to put your hat. You will gain skill in managing your inner dialog, using visualization enhancements in ways you never knew and organizing your workouts in your mind to eliminate your dread of high-intensity or difficult workouts. Craig Howie and Will Murray specifically designed this program based on their book The Four Pillars of Triathlon: Vital Mental Conditioning for Endurance Athletes. This is not another philosophical “you ought to” sports psychology approach, but a strategic set of fast, easy and durable techniques that any endurance athlete can learn to use quickly and conveniently to improve training, racing and enjoyment of the sport.

Sample Day 1
Level 2 Day 1

"Welcome to Level 2
Thank you for purchasing Level 2 of the Four Pillars mental training program. Please use the following link watch the introduction video to this level.

Once you have watched this video please download and complete the attached worksheet by clicking the paper clip icon above.

Sample Day 2
Going Hard

Today you will learn a pattern to help you learn to love high intensity training and then you will practice rehearsing difficult workouts. First do the steps in this piece (takes five-ten minutes Then please download the attachment by clicking the paperclip icon above for the Learning To Love It pattern and do the technique.

Sample Day 3
Recovery Workouts

Sometimes very light activity can help you recover more quickly than if you did no training at all. The trick is to keep the training light enough to serve the correct purpose. Easy workouts help you recover from the previous day's training, mobilize metabolic products and loosen you up for the next day--but only if you go easy! Please click the following link to listen to instructions for the ""Picture the Benefits"" pattern.

Sample Day 4
Rest Days

On days when you rest completely from physical training you can speed up your recovery with a pattern called The Natural Healing Pattern. Please use the following link to hear Coach Howie explain how to use the this pattern and then practice using the pattern.

Sample Day 5
Deep Fatigue

Today you will learn how to use visualization of repair and recovery to help you through periods of deep fatigue. Please download the attachment suggesting some techniques for addressing deep fatigue and follow the instructions in the document to apply each of these patterns.

Sample Day 6
Emotional Fatigue

Begin today by downloading and reading the ""Don't get divorced"" article. Then use the following link to hear Coach Howie explain how to use the Spinning Feelings Pattern to help with emotional fatigue.

Sample Day 7
Weekly Review and Refresher

So far you have learned how to love high intensity workouts with the Learning to Love it Pattern and how to recover from training and emotional stress with The Picture the Benefits Pattern, The Natural Healing Pattern, Spinning Feelings Pattern and deep fatigue patterns.
Now go back to the worksheet you filled out at the beginning of the week and review it. Then refresh the worksheet now that you have completed week #1.