Four Pillars Mental Conditioning Level 1

This two-week course will give you specific skills to use your head for more than just a place to put your hat. You will gain skill in managing your inner dialog, using visualization enhancements in ways you never knew and organizing your workouts in your mind to eliminate your dread of high-intensity or difficult workouts.

Sample Day 1
Welcome to Level 1

"Welcome to the program
Coach Murray introduces the program and explains the basics of using our imaginations
Please use the following link to view the video:"

Sample Day 2
Workout Rehearsal

"Workout Rehearsal
Use the link for today to download and read the article on workout rehearsal and then spend 2-3 minutes before your workout today rehearsing

Sample Day 3
Workout Rehearsal Part 2

"Workout Rehearsal Part 2
Now that you know how to rehearse your workouts it's time to enhance this visualization. Please read the visulization piece in the folder and complete the steps outlined in it. You don't have to fill out the table on the last page--you will do that in tomorrow's workout.

Sample Day 4
Submodality Basics

"Sub Modality Basics
The visualization work from yesterday explained submodalitites. Now you will get more specific with submodalitites and find your own personal submodality map. Please read the Submodality Map piece in the folder and complete the mapping form on the last page.

Sample Day 5
Excellent Athlete Pattern

"Exellent Athlete Pattern
Here we will use a pattern that is based on a important submodality: associated, (experience through your own eyes) or dissociated (seeing yourself ""over there""). Please use the folliwng link hear how to use this submodality in the Excellent Athlete Pattern and then use this pattern before your next workout.

Sample Day 6
Using Visualization

"Using Visualization to help you sleep (Replay to Sleep Pattern) and the (Butterfly effect pattern)
Coach Howie explains 2 patterns to help you sleep. Please use the following links to hear an explanation of these patterns and then try one or both of them out when you go to bed tonight.

Butterfly Effect Pattern:
Replay to Sleep Pattern:"

Sample Day 7
Workout Rehearsal Part 2

Look back at your work from last Tuesday Thursday and Saturday and use all of these techniques to rehearse your workout. This is now your personal "code" for the best way to visualize something. Use this code every time you visualize something now.