Average Weekly Training Hours 05:15
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:15
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
easy jog

easy run
nose breathing
add a few 10 sec easy strides at random

Sample Day 3
easy spin

easy spin, but focus on higher cadence, 80+
zone 2/aerobic

Sample Day 4
pick ups

Do this on a soft surface, dirt road or track if possible
wu:15 minutes easy to steady-do some dynamic stretching, then jog 5 minutes.. then into ms.
ms:do 7x 10-12second pick ups.. quick turnover, powerful/ but controlled push.... jog 45 sec to 1 minute between these pick-ups
cd-10 min jog home

Sample Day 4
bonus spin

if time, do an easy 45 min spin
cadence is 80+
smooth pedal stroke
relaxed upper body

Sample Day 5
extensive endurance run

25 min easy to steady
nose breathing
conversational pace
add 3-5 20 sec strides at random

Sample Day 6

have run gear ready
try to practice your transition and get it under a minute!
make this run very easy... jog...shuffle

Sample Day 6
sprint efforts

wu:30 min build to steady, add 3x1min strong pick ups towards end of warm up
ms: 3x4min STRONG, close to all out with 3 min easy spin recovery..  the rest is steady/moderate riding until cool-down
cd:20 min easy spin