Sample Free Two Week Trial

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Sample Free Two Week Trial


Blair Davies

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2 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Swim, 2 Bike, 1 Other, 2 Run, 1 Brick

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
1:10 hrs bike
0:55 hrs run

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This sample free two week trial, is NOT constructed around your lifestyle. This is merely an example of some of the sessions that are key to moving forward with your training.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:32
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:32
Average Weekly Breakdown

Blair Davies

Dig Deep Coaching

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Sample Day 1

CSS Swim Test - Benchmark

Swim Test-
Warm Up:
(100m frontcrawl, 50m backcrawl) x2.
4x50m drills of choice (25m drill, then swim easy for 25m while focusing on that drills corresponding skill)- 10 seconds rest between 50's.
4x50m building pace (start first 25m at 50% effort, gradually build to 100% effort in the final 25m)
Main set/test:
Step 1; timed 400m tt- Work as hard as possible at a speed that you will be able to maintain for 400m- don't start to quickly- Settle into a rhythm of breathing and get a comfortable stroke rate- Work as hard as possible- it should feel extremely hard.
Step 2; 10 minutes recovery swim- swim easy 200/300m backcrawl and a few very easy front crawl- this will help keep the blood circulating and get them ready and warm for the next effort.
Step 3; After 10 minutes recovery, do a timed 200m swim. Go as hard as you can the whole time, all the way to the wall.
Record the times for both the 400m and the 200m- This will provide me with information on your current sustainable and top end swimming speed.
Cool down: Do 10 minutes of easy swimming to cool down and stretch after the session.

Sample Day 2

FTP Test - Benchmark

Functional threshold test on turbo:
-15 minutes warm-up
- 5x1 minute fast-pedals (110-120 revolutions per minute) with 1 minute easy between each
-Then do 1x 5 minute effort hard as you can do. Try and sustain a constant hard effort for 5min
-Then 10 minutes easy, and then do your 20 minute test
-Try and not go hard at the very start as it will be much harder to hold the power for the 20 minutes
-Start the test at a strong, sustainable pace, build gradually over the first five minutes then hang on for the duration of the interval
-With 5 minutes to go, drill it leaving nothing on the table.
-Record you average and maximum heart rate over the 20 minutes of the test.
-10 minutes easy cool down.

Sample Day 4

Run Test

The run threshold test will enable me to work out heart rate training zones for you. It is best to do this run time trial on a flat surface.
10.00 Warm Up:
Jog at an easy pace for 5 mins (RPE 3). Put a big focus on maintaining good running technique. Then build pace to RPE 6 for the next 5 minutes.
5.00 Drills:
7x50m strides with 30 seconds easy jog (RPE3) between each (focus on you running form- maintain good posture, with your upper body relaxed. increase pace from start to finish)- focus on maintaining RPE 7 for these strides.
30.00 Main set/ time trial: (wear heart rate monitor):
-Run as hard as you can sustain for 30 minutes- Build up intensity in the first 10 minutes (RPE 6-7).
-After 10 minutes into the time trial, hit the 'Lap' button on your heart rate monitor to start recording heart rate- record the average heart rate over the final 20 minutes of the time trial.
-The effort of the last 20 minutes of the test should be the hardest you can sustain for the remaining 20 minutes (RPE 8/9).
-You should finish knowing you gave it everything you had. Record your average heart rate for the last 20 minutes of the test.
-The average heart rate for the last 20 minutes of the trial time is your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate or LTHR.
10.00 cool down: Easy jog @ RPE 3 to finish off.

Sample Day 5

(2x20 minutes) Tempo Strength/High Cadence efforts.

10 min Warm up zone 2 (alternate between cycling drills & normal cycling
20 mins @ upper zone 3 hr, alternate between high resistance, low cadence (< 75 rpm) & high cadence (110 rpm) every 5 minutes
8min recovery zone 2 recovery, 90 rpm.
20 mins (same as 20 minutes above)
10 mins cool down easy zone 2.

Sample Day 5

15 x100m main set

500m warm up (mixture of front and backcrawl) 200 drills 15 x 100 @ high intensity (10 seconds rest between each 100) 2 x400 easy aerobic front (optional) 200m easy backcrawl cool down.

Sample Day 6

2x20 sweet spot session, with 20 mins aerobic run.

Warm Up: 30min steady Aerobic (zone 2 or lower zone 3 heart rate; or effort of 5/10) Cadence drills: 5 x1 min @ high cadence (effort 8/10), then 1min easy spin recovery. High cadence should feel that you are spinning as hard as you can manage to maintain without jumping on the seat. Main set: 2x20min at 'Sweet Spot' effort (Sweet Spot is upper zone 3/lower zone 4 heart rate or effort 7/10). 10min easy zone 2 between each 20 mins block (effort 3/10) 20min cool down (effort) Within 10 mins of finishing the bike session, change into run gear and run for 20 mins aerobically (effort 5/10). Stretch lower body muscle groups after the session.

Sample Day 7

40 mins zone 2 with strides

Run for 40 minutes at a easy intensity- conversational pace (intensity of 4 out of 10). Focus on your running form/posture: maintain good upright posture, and your upper body should be relaxed.
Complete 10 x 7 second strides at the end of the run. see link below.
Include 10 minutes stretching of lower body/hip/back muscles after run.

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