IM Beginner by HR & RPE, 9-15 hrs/week


Brad Seng

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26 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 3 Swim, 4 Run, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

1:15 hrs swim
5:15 hrs bike
2:30 hrs run

Plan Specs


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This program is geared towards the athlete preparing for a first IM. Weekly structure includes 3-4 sessions per week in each discipline plus one day of strength/stability/core training.
Requirements: You should be able to swim at least 500 yards, bike 60 minutes and run/walk 60 minutes. Ideally you are already up to these suggested levels of base fitness, but okay if you are little behind in one of the sports. By race day, you'll be race-ready!


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:04
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:04
Average Weekly Breakdown

Brad Seng

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Sample Day 1

HC spin

Easy spin at comfortably high cadence.

Sample Day 2

Total Immersion sequence

Easy swim focusing on technique.
WU: 300 swim, 100 kick

MS: #1 - Total Immersion drill progression to improve aquatic posture:
1. Kick 50 very easy on your back with hands at your side. Focus on keeping head, shoulders, chest, hips & legs in straight line.
2. Kick 25 on your right side with hands at your side. Focus again on clean & linear aquatic posture.
3. Kick 25 on your left side as above.
4. Kick 50 with hands at your side rotating from right to left sides. This should be done very slowly as you "slip" through the water cleanly.
Repeat 1-4 one more time.
#2 - 2x200 swim w/focus on aquatic posture - head down and press chest down to keep legs on surface of water. RI is 10''.

CD: easy 100-200 choice swims/kicks

Sample Day 2

Aerobic run

Aerobic run focsing on form - running tall with good posture, relaxed upper body and quick cadence. Feel like you are "floating" over the road/trail. RPE 1-3.

Sample Day 3


Sample Day 3

Aerobic endurance

Steady & aerobic ride as you build your foundation. RPE 1-3.

Sample Day 4

100 set

WU: 200 swim/50 kick/200 swim/50 kick

MS: #1 - 1x100, 2x100, 3x100. RI is 10'' all swims with goal of getting 1-2'' faster per block of 100s.
#2 - Pull w/pads 4x125 easy. RI is 10''.
#3 - 2x75 IM (back/breast/free). RI is 10''.
#3 - 4x25. Odds hard, evens easy. RI is 10''.

CD: easy 100 choice

Sample Day 4

Counting stride rate

Easy run today. Periodically count your left foot strikes for 20''. Goal is 30+. RPE 1-3.

IM Beginner by HR & RPE, 9-15 hrs/week

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