prt 12 week half marathon for a triathlete

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:07
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:07
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
Waltons 25s - paddles & pull buoy

all with pull buoy
16 x 25s steady, every 4th hard
12 x 25s steady, every 3rd hard
8 x 25s steady, every 2nd hard
4 X 25s all hard
200 easy, no paddles
rest is as required so that every 25 is done at a high quality
really work on discovering your rhythm

Sample Day 1

30 min easy ride"

Sample Day 2

40 min easy ride

Sample Day 2

10 min easy warm up
5 x 30 sec technique strides (30s walk)
2 x 3 min moderate intervals (3 min easy)
3 x 2 min medium intervals (2 min easy)
4 x 1 min mad intervals (1 min easy)
5-10 min easy cool down

TECHNIQUE, EFFICIENCY & FOCUSING on relaxing shoulders and rolling over the balls of your feet are the goals for the session

Sample Day 3
swim set 1

Progressive warm up. with pull buoy (10 sec rests)
2 x 100 easy,
2 x 50 mod,
4 x 25 med
Main Set: with pull buoy
4 x 50 mad (30 sec rests)
4 x 25, scull or 3/3 drill          
4 x 50 mad (45 sec rests)
4 x 25, scull or 3/3 drill                       
Cool Down:
1 x 100 easy with pb and paddles

Sample Day 3

6km easy/steady run

Sample Day 4

8km easy/moderate run
40 min easy ride if legs are tired

Stuart Moore
possibiliTTy race team

recently mentored under Brett Sutton.
i coach for a global race team called "possibiliTTy race team" we cater to all levels from beginner through to kona qualifier.
I utilise training peaks online software and am able to deliver training to beginners with no devices through to monitoring heart rate variability on a daily basis. I have a cert 4 in strength and conditioning also and utilise a large local gym when needed in Yarraville, Victoria.
teaching adults how to swim is a specialty.