Advanced IM Spec Prep 1

Average Weekly Training Hours 16:31
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 16:31
Training Load By Week

This training plan was designnd by Keith Sanders. Keith is a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach he has guided both novice triathletes to their first finish and top age groupers to national age group titles. Racing as a competitive age grouper himself Keith’s PB’s include a 2hrs 02min Olympic triathlon, an Ironman best time of 9hrs and 8mins and a marathon PB of 2hrs 44mins. He has also competed at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in arguably one of the most competitive age groups (M30-34). Find out a little more about Keith at This training plan benefits from Keith’s experiences as both an athlete and coach to help guide you towards your best performance yet. This training block (Advanced IM Spec Prep 1) is specifically targeted at COMPETITIVE AGE GROUP IRONMEN LOOKING TO PODIUM OR QUALIFY FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT This training plan covers the third 4 week macrocycle (3 weeks work / 1 week recovery) and forms part of our Advanced Ironman Training program. It is the first block of specific race preparation. Additional blocks of training in this program can be purchased through the Training Peaks store. Advice on how to structure these blocks of training is free and available by contacting us at Athletes using this specific preperation block of our advanced Ironman training program should have ideally completed a full preparation and base programme. You should have experience of high volume training (16hrs per week+) Advanced IM Spec Prep 1 builds from our BASE 1 & 2 ADVANCED IRONMAN programme and builds to a volume of over 20hrs per week. Typically each week includes 3-4 bike and run sessions, 2-3 swims and 2 conditioning sessions each week. Sessions can be completed based on HR or power. If you don't already have training zones contact us and we can supply self testing sessions. Email advice is available when purchasing this plan (for 4 weeks after date of purchase) should you have any general questions about the program.

Sample Day 1
Aerobic 200's + Pull (3.3k)

2 x 100 IM
8 x 25 Catch Up
4 x 50 IM order going on 60" building
200 easy

2 x 500 pull with band

5 x 200m on + 20s

8 x 75 as Drill / Swim / Drill) + 15s

400 pull - no paddles - breath on 4-5stks

200 Cool down easy

Sample Day 2
Specific Hill repeats #1

4 x moderate climb of ~10% ideally 8-10 minutes in duration. Recovery time is ride down. Stay seated choose a gear which allows cadence of ~60rpm. Warm up is ride there cool down is ride back. Keep theses easy Z2

Sample Day 2
PM IM pace run

After recovering well from earlier bike session complete 60 minutes at your target IM pace. If you have rested and recovered properly from your earlier session this shouldn't be too taxing.

Sample Day 3
Easy run

Easy aerobic run

Sample Day 3
long continous

Not the most interesting of sessions but this will start to prepare the body and mind for the specifics of race day.

Sample Day 4
HIT intervals #1

These are short, hard intervals with relatively long rest periods.

If you are using power output to measure intensity they are performed at Vo2 Max power (power output achieved during a Vo2 max test = Wmax).
(or CP6)

Warm up 10mins + building effort

2 x (4 x 60 second 95% effort 3 mins easy spinning)

Cool down for remainder of duration

Sample Day 5
long W/U & RP 400's

1k easy building to moderate effort (60" Rest )

5 x 400 at IM RP (30" Rest)

Keith Sanders

A performance and fitness coach with over 14 years experience. Keith has a track record of success working with beginners to elite athletes locally, remotely and through applied training plans. Keith has first hand experience of balancing high level performance with life's many other commitments himself a 2:44 marathoner, multiple Ironman finisher (PB 9:08) and Kona qualifier.