SmileTrain - Base I Training Plan - IMAZ 2015

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week

The SmileTrain - Base I Training Plan - IMAZ 2015
3 Week Program
2 Weeks of Work / 1 Week with Weekday Rest, Weekend Work

Development of “Basic Abilities” with emphasis on duration of workouts.
- Speed Skills
- Aerobic Endurance (zone 2)

Prioritize the changes you need to make to become a Skilled Swimmer, Cyclist and Runner

Beginner vs. Advance - the majority of this program is based on Rate of Perceived Exertion and Time. This means that your output will be based on the your level, but the time and Perceived Exertion is appropriate to all levels of athletes.

If you are an advanced athlete, we recommend adding the following workouts to your plan each week:
1. Endurance Strength Run - 60-75 Minute Run, including the warm up. For 30-40 minutes run at your desired Marathon Pace on a flat course. The focus is on building and extending your "race pace" feel without compromising the core workouts of the week.

2. Endurance Ride: An extended rolling ride. Weather permitting, get outside and seek out a 90 minute loop - the goal is to find an area that challenges you to ride at an endurance pace. Focus on good posture and keeping your pedal stroke fluid through efficient shifting.

3. Strength Training / Yoga: Should be a part of everyone's schedule if time allows.

Sample Day 3
Swim: Short Intervals: 2200 yards

Swim: Short Intervals: 2200 yards

WU: 200 Swim / 100 Kick / 100 Pull
6 x 50 as 25 drill / 25 swim

4 x 100 moderate intensity, :5 rest

8 x 75 high intensity, :45 rest

6 x 25 max intensity, :20 rest

CD: 350 Swim