speed/endurance/strength 4 weeks block February UK new 2018

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speed/endurance/strength 4 weeks block February UK new 2018


Dean Kirkham


4 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 3 Run, 3 Bike, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:10 hrs swim
3:30 hrs bike
2:30 hrs run

Plan Specs


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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:43
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:43
Average Weekly Breakdown

Sample Day 1

1000 v 100's

1000m inc warm up
constant swim 1000m, add drills to first 400m.. of 100 right/left arm only, 100catch up, 100 of 25kick, 25fast swim, 25kick, 25fast swim.. final 100 of 25fists, 25easy swim, 25fists, 25easy
Finish with 600m at ironman pace!
Note time to complete the first 1000m

main set 10 x 100's at slightly above IM pace.. of 20sec rest! note average for 100's!

main set 2.
1000m at slighty faster pace than first 1000m (it should be as the first set included drills!
last 100m of the set try to relax and gently drop the pace.. as if getting ready to bike!

Sample Day 1

Hill Reps

Ok..it's a toughie!
warm up 5mins, dynamic stretches, hip, knee, ankle mobility!
Hill needs to be sharp (ish),
45secs Push a hard/stong pace, 1m 15secs to run steady back done and start on the on the 2min! so each rep including effort and run back should be 2mins..
Repeat the process for 30mins! thius will give you 15reps
5min easy cool down.. make time to stretch when you get home!

Sample Day 2

TURB0 - High cadance, speed/endurance!

warm up 5-8mins, go through the drills of right leg/left leg only, find the pull in the pedal stroke and the high knee!

25mins High cadence 100+rpm! select a gear that is of moderate tension that allows you to pedal at 100+rpms.. (note the gear used!)., this workout need to be heart and lungs and less muscular pain in the quads..

easy for 5mins!

Back to above main set for 10mins!

5-8mins cool down, drop cadance relax the upper body

Sample Day 3

400's PULL N PADDLE (speed 100's!)

400m warm up,
400m paddle (must get technique right here or the paddles fall of!, controlled power thru the pull phase of the stroke)
400m of hard 100's (really push the pace Z4)
400m pull (wedge the pull bouy up high, feel the hip rotation evenly on each reach!,relax and glide!)
400m of hard 100's (really push the pace Z4)
400m paddle (as previous)
400m of hard 100's (as previous)
400m cool down, you'll be surprised you can do this!

Sample Day 4

6 x 1mile run reps!

its time to push the pace!

Very basic programme!

find a flat 1mile section, minimal concerns for traffic and hazards etc

here's an example of what I do..

warm up 1mile 8-10mins, mobilse and loosen off, then 1mile at well above my ironman pace.. I'm about 7min 30secs so I hit my reps at 5min 50sec pace.. with 2mins recovery., dropping to 90secs over the weeks, It tough but exellent strength for the legs!.. lets discuss you target 1mile rep pace!!
use 40secs quicker per mile race pace as a starting block!
1mile cool down!

Sample Day 4

Turbo - tabata's - short hard effort..

heavy load cardio training!

warm up 5 mins spinning, progressively drop down the cassette.. really get a warmed up well before starting this session!

main set - 20/10 tabatas, select a tough gear, heavy load on the legs, pedal fast and hard for 20 secs, rest for 10secs

20secs effort 10secs recovery x 8

spin easy 1min.

Repeat above x 3.. = 4 rounds

cool down 5mins, easy gear

Sample Day 5

rest day, optional core work

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