Yoga for Base (Strength Focus)

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:09
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:09
Training Load By Week

As a runner, cyclist, swimmer, or multisport athlete, you have some familiarity with yoga from books, DVDs, or classes and are ready to commit to a regular practice. At the same time, you want your yoga training to be streamlined and to directly complement the work of your training schedule.

This program, which focuses on using yoga to build strength and balance, can supplement or replace a standard weight-lifting routine.

We follow a three-week build and then enjoy a rest week, and the practices range from 15 to 60 minutes. Add this plan to your training and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of a daily yoga practice: increased strength, flexibility, and focus; enhanced performance; and greater presence of mind.

Sample Day 1
Rest day practice (45 minutes)

Rest day. Follow the sequence outlined here. Alternatively, attend a basic, gentle, or restorative yoga class. It's useful to study with a live teacher periodically, to ensure you're practicing the poses safely and with good alignment.

Sample Day 2
Power 1 (20 minutes)

After a harder workout. Move through each of the dynamic sequences 5-7 times, and hold each of the static stretches for at least five breaths.

Sample Day 3
Strength routine 1 (1 hour)

On a lighter workout day. Move through the exercises listed here. Keep your awareness on your breath—it will tell you if you're working too hard.

Sample Day 4
Power 2 (20 minutes)

After a harder workout. Go for three to five rounds of sun salutations, and aim to hold the static core poses for three to five sets of five or so breaths each.

Sample Day 5
Strength routine 2 (1 hour)

On a lighter workout day. Move through the sequence outlined below, repeating each pose as many times as you'd like. You can repeat the lunges on the second side after each pose, or move from low lunge to runner's lunge on one side before repeating on the other.

Sample Day 6
Pigeon and head-to-knee

After your shorter weekend workout, or on its own. Hold each pose at least five breaths. Be sure your front knee does not hurt in pigeon.

Sample Day 7
Post-long run (20+ minutes)

Later in the day of your longest workout of the week, when you're clean, warm, and fed, enjoy these poses. Hold each for as long as you like, at least five minutes, with special attention to resting with your legs up the wall.

Sage Rountree
Sage Endurance

Bringing meaning to your workouts! Quality over quantity; a purpose for everything. Incorporating yoga, Pilates, and meditation for strength, flexibility, and focus.

One-time start up fee: $500. Then, you can choose to pay up front for one quarter (three months): $1200; one half year: $1850; or one full year: $3500.

All of these options include an individualized plan, updated weekly, and as much communication as you want.

I also offer one-on-one coaching, yoga, and/or Pilates for $150/hour.