Youth Triathlon: 16 week off season schedule


Steve Lumley

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

7 Swim, 4 Run, 4 Strength, 3 Bike

Longest Workout

1:45 hrs swim
2:30 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon advanced

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This plan draws on Steve’s 25+ years experience of coaching and racing all triathlon distances. Steve works on a daily basis with all levels of athlete from complete beginners to talented elite, youth, junior, and student athletes. He has coached national youth, junior, student, elite and age group medal winners.

This plan is designed as an 'off season' training schedule with the dedicated youth (13 - 16 years old) triathlete in mind. It includes 9-15 hours of training per week, generally consisting of 3-5 swim sessions per week, 2-3 bike sessions and 3-4 runs as well as strength and conditioning sessions appropriate for young triathletes. It is periodised into 4 x 4 week training blocks, with the 4th week being a lower volume 'recovery' week.

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It is expected that the athletes have a background in competitive swimming and swim training and are moving into multisports.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:45
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:45
Average Weekly Breakdown

Steve Lumley (MSc)

Steve Lumley Triathlon Coaching

'Ironman' / Long distance triathlon.

Elite, draft legal triathlon from developmental to elite levels

Please contact Steve for details and costs of various levels of individual coaching.

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Sample Day 1


Sample Day 1


900 as SA / BK / K

8 x 50 as 25 D / 25 build on 60

4 x 25 build 1-4 on 30s

100 easy

75 fast on 80s / 25 easy
50 fast on 60 / 50 easy on 50
100 fast on 1.30
200 easy

repeat x 3 (1500m)

6 x 300 pull (buoy and band) on 3 mins - breathe on 5


Sample Day 1


30 min E1

Sample Day 1

Triathlon Basic S&C Session A, Phase 1

The programmes work best run as a circuit. The minimum should be one complete repetition through the circuit, building to 2-3 times through as condition and time allow. Phase 1 1.Swiss Ball Hip extension Shoulders on ball 30-60 secs – 10 secs on 5 secs off 2. Swiss Ball Hip extension feet on ball 30-60 secs – 10 secs on 5 secs off 3. Squat and shoulder flexion - dumbells 30-60 secs 4. Swiss Ball back extension 30-60 secs 5. Side lying glute leg raises 30-60 secs 6. One leg ¼ squat 30-60 secs 7. Arch walks and calf raise 30-60 secs 8. Side Planks, on knees 30-60 secs 9. Front Planks, on knees 30-60 secs

Sample Day 2


Sample Day 2


12 x 50 alt fc / form
200 as 25 scull / 25 fc
4 x 100 build + 20s

18 x 100 on 1.30 (or + 5-10s)
(12.5 fast every 3rd 100)

200 easy

16 x 25 on 35 6 stks max

600 pull (bouy) breath on 5stks

6 x 100 100d
75d / 25 s x2
50d / 50s

200 wd

Sample Day 2


Track: Drills and reps

Youth Triathlon: 16 week off season schedule

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