Advanced IM Base 1

Average Weekly Training Hours 14:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 14:01
Training Load By Week


This training plan covers the first 4 week macrocycle (3 weeks work / 1 week recovery) and forms part of our Advanced Ironman Training program. Additional blocks of training in this program can be purchased through the Training Peaks store. Advice on how to structure these blocks of training is free and available by conatcting us at
Athletes using the advanced Ironman training program blocks should have ideally completed 4-8 weeks of preparation training prior to commencing this training block and experience of high volume training (16hrs per week+)

This Base 1 block of training forms part of the Advanced Ironman Training program. BASE 1 ADVANCED IRONMAN builds to a volume of just over 16hrs and includes 3-4 bike and run sessions, 2-3 swims and two conditioning sessions has a weekly volume. Sessions can be completed based on HR or power. If you dont already have training zones self testing sessions are also detailed in this plan.

Email advice is available when purchasing this plan (for 4 weeks after date of purchase) should you have any general questions about the program

This training plan was designnd by Keith Sanders. Keith is a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach he has guided both novice triathletes to their first finish and top age groupers to national age group titles. Racing as a competitive age grouper himself Keith’s PB’s include a 2hrs 02min Olympic triathlon, an Ironman best time of 9hrs and 8mins and a marathon PB of 2hrs 44mins. He has also competed at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in arguably one of the most competitive age groups (M30-34). Find out a little more about Keith at This training plan benefits from Keith’s experiences as both an athlete and coach to help guide you towards your best performance yet

Sample Day 1
Easy run


Sample Day 2
Endurance / Force reps

30mins Z2

30mins- Include 3 x 1 Min efforts on a steep incline (12-16%) trying to hold biggest Pw/effort possible. Ensure lots of recovery between each (min 5mins)

30mins Z1/2

Sample Day 2
Aerobic 150's for form

Warm up:
100 swim easy,
50 kick easy
100 swim moderate,
50 kick moderate
100 swim build speed
50 kick build speed.

Main set:
8 x 150 (5sec RI)) moderate all relaxed easy swimming form focus.

300 steady as 50 Kick/ 50 swim


12 x 25 fast (15sec RI)

Cool Down 400 easy swim.

Sample Day 3
Technique- High cadence week 1

Warm up for 10mins progressively to Z3

Main Set:

5 x (60sec right leg/60sec left leg/60sec both)

Straight into:
4 mins 100rpm Z3
1 mins easy
5 mins 110rpm Z3
1 min easy
4 mins 100rpm Z3

Cool down with easy spinning for remainder of duration

Sample Day 3
General conditioning (1)

Session one of attached program- General Strength & Stability 1 (AA)

Sample Day 4
15min Ramp Run

A ramp run develops your pacing awareness as well as being a good threshold conditioning workout. Try your best to stick to your zones.

10min warm up progressively to high Z2

15min at Z2 / 15min Z3 / 15min Z4

Cool down well for 10mins to Z1

Sample Day 4
Descending aerobic repeats & fist drill

Warm up:
100 swim, 50 drill, 100 drill, 50 kick.

Main Set:
300 Easy aerobic
50 fist drill.
250 moderate
50 fist drill.
200 Easy aerobic
50 fist drill.
150 Moderate
50 fist drill.
100 Easy aerobic

4 x 50 Fast

Cool down:
100 alternate Br Stk / Bk stk
100 kick easy.
300 swim for form.

Keith Sanders

A performance and fitness coach with over 14 years experience. Keith has a track record of success working with beginners to elite athletes locally, remotely and through applied training plans. Keith has first hand experience of balancing high level performance with life's many other commitments himself a 2:44 marathoner, multiple Ironman finisher (PB 9:08) and Kona qualifier.