MSquared Coaching- 28 wk Iron Distance (Finisher)

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:26
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:26
Training Load By Week

Beginer to Iron distance finisher in 6 months. A tough journey and one which you will endure but enjoy. It starts of relatively easy but progresses to some tough sessions, physically and mentally preparing you for one of the best things you will ever complete.

Sample Day 1
Easy Run

An Easy run at a comforatble pace.

Sample Day 1
400m test set

400m test set - try to be well rested before you do this.

Sample Day 2
CP20 test

Sample Day 3
base 1 week 1 intervals

Sample Day 3
base 1 week 1 speed

This set is designed to improve speed as well as endurance. Drills stop start with will help technique

Sample Day 4
Speed Skill 1aL (Isolated leg Training)

Heart rate should stay low for all speed skills workouts. Your goal is to train correct neutral firing patterns. Stop any skill workout when you become fatigued and cannot continue with perfect technique. Ride on a trainer. Warm up for 15 minutes. Pedal for 30 seconds with your left leg only, 30 seconds with your right leg only (rest your oposite leg on a chair) increase rpm by 5 and spin for 1 min with both legs. Do 7-10 sets with 2-3 minutes of recovery between each set. work to eliminate the dead spot in your pedal stroke. Any clunking sound from your chain inidcates a dead spot.

Sample Day 5
VDOT test set

Michael Masters
MSquared Triathlon Coaching

Michael's coaching profile speaks for itself. With a lifetime of experience in sports coaching at the very highest levels he is without doubt one of the most exciting coaches on the scene.

Level 3 British Triathlon | Level 3 British Cycling (Road & TT) | UK Athletics Endurance Running Coach | BTF Mentor | ASA OW Swim Coach | UKAD Acredited Advisor

Michael can provide individuals with an underwater swim analysis seperate to the full range of Training Peaks coaching packages available.