20 Week base training

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:21
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:21
Training Load By Week

20 week winter base training plan for triathletes. Max volume per week= 10 hours, with long rides on Saturdays and rest days on Mondays (this can be adjusted if requested or if you have a premium account) This plan is best suited to those who have the ability to train once a day during the week (except for one day) and time to train for up to 3 hours per day at the weekend. Having a heart rate monitor and GPS running watch is very beneficial when following this plan, a power meter is not required. For a full explanation of swim pacing system and how to use it email Louis at Lrmultisport@gmail.com There is a free 4 week preview of this plan on my training peaks store page so you can try before you buy! If you would like the plan customised to you then email us at louis@lrmultisport.com

Sample Day 1
CSS Test

Warm up 200 free 2 x 50 as 10 torpedo kick, 40 free 2 x 50 as 20 scull #1/ 30 free 2 x 50 as 20 choice drill/ 30 free 4 x 50 descend 1-5 Main set 400 TT 3 min recovery 200 TT Optional 5 x 100 free 25s recovery Cool down 5 x 50 back

Sample Day 4
Bike Test Threshold Heart Rate

Warm up
5 min easy
8 minutes build to 90% max effort
2 minutes easy
2 minutes with 6 x 6s spin ups
3 minutes easy

Main Set
30minute time trial, best effort you should be completely spent by the end.

Hit the lap button on your HR monitor watch after 10minutes so you have your average HR for the last 20minutes

Sample Day 6
Easy Zone 1 Ride

Stay in granny ring and spin gear at a comfortable high cadence

Sample Day 7
Threshold test @ track

Warm up
10min easy jog, slowly build the pace to faster than marathon race pace
4 x 60-70m strides @75% max speed

Main set
Run 30min at the hardest effort you can manage.
Record the total distance as well as your average HR for the last 20min. Do this by hitting the lap button on the watch after 10min.

Cool Down
10min easy slow jog/walk

Sample Day 8
(Tech) Technique Focus Swim 1

Warm up
300 m

Main set
4 x 50 as 10 torpedo kick/ 40 free
4 x 50 as 20 6-3-6/30 free
4 x 50 as 20 doggy paddle/ 30 free

1 x 100 free, focus on lifting with your glutes when kicking
1 x 100 as 20 scull #1, 80 free, focus on early catch
1 x 100 as 20 scull #2, 80 free, focus on maintaining a high elbow

2 x 200 free

Cool down
5 x 50 back

Sample Day 10
(AE) Aerobic Conditioning Turbo #1

Warm up (15min)
5 min easy
5 min @80-90rpm increase gear every minute
4 x 1 min as 20s max spin/40s @80-90rpm
1 min easy

Main Set (40min) Keep cadence above 85rpm
3 x 10min @ zone 3 every 2nd minute increase effort for 30s (1 min recovery between sets)

2 x 2:30 start @zone 3 & build to zone 5b (1 min recovery between sets)

Cool down (5min)
easy spin zone 1

Sample Day 11
(ME) Swim 1

warm up (600)
200 free
100 pull breath 3/5/7
100 free
4 x 50 as 20 drill/30 free

main set (1250-1500)
3-4 x 250 @CSS + 0.5, 25s recovery
1-2 x 250 pull @CSS + 0.5 breath 3/5/7, 25s recovery

Cool down
4 x 50 backstroke

Louis Richards

Experienced Triathlon Coach working in the East Midlands and internationally.

I work with athletes on a 1-2-1 basis as well as running a number of squad based sessions.