Beginner Swim Workouts

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week

This plan is for Triathletes, or Beginner Swimmers. If you are wanting to improve your swim, and feel more comfortable in the water try this swim plan. It is a two week plan, full of drills, speed work, and a start to endurance improvement!

Sample Day 2

150 swim (6 laps)@R:15 150 kick 150 pull 12x25 drills w/fins (4 rotation drill/4 kick on side/ 4 kick on other side)@R:15-20 1 arm drill: w/fins 4x25 1 arm out in front/make stroke with other arm/breath to the side of the arm you are using@R:15 4x25 other arm (same as above) @R:15 4x25 1 arm (arm you aren’t using goes by your side, breath to the OPPOSITE side of the arm you are using) @R:15 4x25 other arm (same as above) @R:15 FINS OFF 4x25 swim (focus on rotation, chin under the shoulder) @R:15 FINS ON 4x25 swim FAST (while working rotation) @R:15 100 cool down 1450 yards

Sample Day 3

200 swim (8laps) 200 kick 200 pull 12x25 (4-rotation drill, 2 k on Rside, 2 K on Lside, 2 R arm only, 2 L arm only)@:20 4x25 6 kick and switch (kick on R side of 6 kicks, take a stroke, switch to other side and take 6 kicks, repeat)@R:15 4x25 AFAP@R:15 4x25 12 kick and switch (same as above, but 12 kicks) @R:15 4x25 AFAP@R:15 100 cool down 1400 yards

Sample Day 4

Workout #4 Pull Strength: 200 alt. 50 swim/50 kick on side 4x50 25 drill/25 swim@R:20 4x25 build each (get faster as you swim, the end of your 25 should be FAST)@R:10 4x25 swim with fist (make fist with hands and swim)@R:15 4x25 pinkys only (make a fist, but keep pinky out) @R:15 4x25 hawaiian hands (pinky and thumb out) @R:15 4x25 reg. swim (feel the power) @R:15 4x25 paddles (feel the extra power) @R:15 4x50 fins and paddles AFAP@R1:00 (lots of rest, means you better be MOVING) 100 easy 1300 yards

Sample Day 5

Workout #5 speed work 101: 200 swim 4x25 choice drill@R:10 100 kick with fins on side 4x25 choice drill (different than above)@R:10 50 build 4x25 choice drill (different than above) @R:10 3x (4x25 variable speed@R:10) R:30 seconds between rounds Variable speed= 1st 25- ½ fast, ½ easy, 2nd 25= ½ easy, ½ fast, 3rd 25= ALL FAST, 4th 25= EASY 1x50 AFAP get time @R:05 50 easy 2x50 AFAP get time @R:10 100 easy 3x50 AFAP get time @R:15 150 easy 1550 yards

Sample Day 8

Workout #6 Kick Day (yes you need to still know how to kick properly): 200 free 100 pull 4x50 build each@R:15 8x25 kick (2 rotation, 2 r side, 2 left side,2 6 k and switch) 8x25 swim (fins and PULL BUOY)@R:15 (This drill will teach the proper way of kicking from the hip. If you lose the pull buoy, you are kicking incorrectly)@R:15 8x25 kick w/ fins and board@R:15 8x25 kick w/fins around the world (2 on stomach, 2 r side, 2 l side, 2 on back)@R:15 100 kick (no fins) AFAP @R:30sec 4x25 swim w/fins (MONSTER KICK) 200 kick (no fins) AFAP@R:45 sec 8x25 swim w/ fins (MONSTER KICK) 100 easy 2000 yards

Sample Day 9

Workout #7: 200 alt. 25 swim/25 drill 200 6k and switch 100 pull with buoy and paddles 100 swim w/ buoy and fins 50 build 50 FAST 16x25 drill work (4 rotation drill, 4 1 arm, 4 1 arm, 4 12k and switch)@R:15 2x(200 swim FINS AND PADDLES@R:20 (4x50 hold moderate pace@R:10 100 easy 2000 yards

Sample Day 10

Workout#8: 2x300 swim (100 swim+100 k+100 pull)@R:20 4x50 drill/swim@R:15 8x25 variable speed@R:10 400 swim (16 laps) 4x100 pull w/ paddles breathe every 3 strokes@R:15 8x50 1-4 descend, 5-8 hold strong pace@R:10 16x25 fins and paddles ODDS: AFAP EVENS: EASY@R:15-20 200 easy swim 2800 yards