IM 6. Taper - 2 wks (2014)


Kevin Coady

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2 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Other, 2 Day Off, 2 Swim, 2 Bike, 2 Run

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
2:00 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:34
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:34
Average Weekly Breakdown

Kevin Coady

Team TriForce


  • Ironman / Half Ironman
  • Kona and 70.3 Worlds qualifications
  • Busy Athletes (10 hours per week IM / HIM training plans, 1 hour per day offseason plans)
  • IMCDA, Kona, IMAZ, Wildflower, Oceanside

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Sample Day 1

Recovery & Technique Swim

If you are feeling strong you can do a bit more of a workout if you'd like.


3*100 easy (20 rest in between each) think about your form, for example:
* is your body in balance, even when you breathe (or do you have to press down on the water when you breathe?)
* do you feel you are catching the water well or are you pushing down on the water / do you feel like your hand is not getting much purchase?
* is you kick nice and compact, or do you scissor/ splay your feet (especially when you breathe)
(for further ideas on what to focus on for technique work, I suggest visiting

If you did your 1000TT you know your "T pace." Your T pace is the pace / 100 you averaged for your TT. Your easy zone is probably around T+10 seconds / 100 or slower. Your steady zone is probably around T+ 4-8 seconds. You tempo zone is T-3. And your T pace is your TT pace obviously)


1* 50 as 25 drill, 25 steady swim, 15 rest
100 steady swim with perfect form, 15 rest
2*50 as 25 drill, 25 steady swim, 15 rest
200 as 100 easy, 100 steady w/ perfect form, 15 rest
3*50 as 25 drill, 25 steady swim, 15 rest
300 easy with perfect form

(if you feel fatigued after doing the set once, then quit since you obviously need recovery; same thing goes after #2)

Sample Day 2

Recovery Spin

20-30 very easy spin-- just get the blood flowing

Sample Day 3


NOTE: for all of these swim sets, you have the option to dial down the intensity and swim steady instead of tempo or threshold, especially if you are feeling tired. Doing plenty of steady swimming with meticulous attention to form might yield some swimmers (especiallly those who struggle with technique) more results than increasing intensity, especially if your technique suffers when you go faster. In addition, you save more energy for your other training and you decrease your risk of injury.

As always, if you are on the 10 hours / week plan or if you are in a rush, then warm up quickly and jump into the main set. Feel free to get out of the pool after :30.

Warm Up

300 easy, 15 rest
25 drill, 25 swim, 15 rest
25 drill, 25 swim

Main Set:


300 steady (T+5-10), 20 rest
200 tempo (T+3), 20 rest
100 threshold (T pace); 30 rest

watch your paces for each rep-- your times for the 4th set shouldn't be slower than your times for the first set! If they are, then you need to hone your sense of pace.

Cool down

100-300 easy, with optional drilling, back stroke or 2 arm back stroke

Sample Day 5

Ironman Effort Reps

Within a 2 hour easy ride, do 5*10 minutes at Ironman effort or slightly harder

Sample Day 6

Mixed swim

it's OK to use a pull buoy for this entire workout (especially if your race is a wetsuit swim)

warm up
500 as 4* (100 easy, 25 back)
4* (100 drill, rest, 100 swim)
4*25 quick
main set:
800 comfortable steady, 30 rest
3*200 tempo /HIM effort, 25 rest
3*100 sweet spot / oly effort, 25 rest
3*50 threshold, 25 rest

150 easy cool down

Sample Day 6

1 hour with IM goal pace reps

run 1 hour easy with 5* 1 mile at goal IM pace (full recovery between reps)

Sample Day 7

Ride with pickups

If you have any fatigue in your legs, just do an easy 20-30 min spin.

ride 60 - 90 minutes easy with several pickups with complete recovery in between:
- 5 minute pickups to steady (ironman effort)
- 3 minute pickups to tempo (HIM effort)
- 1 minute pickups to threshold
- 10-20 second pickups to 20-40% above threshold

recover fully after pickups

IM 6. Taper - 2 wks (2014)

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