Increase your FTP in 8 wks- IREP Athletics by Scott Proscia, BS ATC M.Ed and Anthony Ross, CSCS ATC

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:23
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:23
Training Load By Week

This program is designed to specifically target increases ones Functional Threshold Power. The program will start with testing in week one to establish a baseline and will follow a 2 up and 1 down pattern culminating with a final FTP test to evaluate our results. This plan will use various steady state and interval combos to tax the appropriate systems needed to stimulate beneficial phsyiological adaptations. Be prepared to work hard during the 8-weeks and you will make big gains.

Weekend rides up to 4hrs

This plan comes with enhancement add-ons which can be found at

Contact: Scott Proscia, BS ATC M.Ed Head Performance Coach

Anthony Ross, ATC CSCS Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sample Day 1
Bike Power/Lactic Threshold Test

Figure out your Functional Threshold Power/HR. Be sure your body is rested, this is like a short race effort. Allen and Coggan's protocol is as follows in Exercises & Intervals

Sample Day 2
1 hr (20 x 1 min Intervals)

Main Set 20 x 1 minute Intervals

Sample Day 3
1.5 hr rolling Z2-3

1.5 hr rolling terrain Z2-3. Be sure to find some hills along your route.

Sample Day 4
1hr w/ 2x15 blast

15 min Easy Zone 2
2x blast it all out 15 min / 5 min recovery
15min easy cooldown

Sample Day 5
1hour easy ride

1hr zone 2

Sample Day 6
3 hr Easy Ride - Social?

3 hr Easy Ride zone 2

Sample Day 7
3 hr Rolling Terrain Z2-3

3 hr rolling terrain. Keep it Zone2 - Zone 3. Be sure to select a route with some hills along the way.

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