Triathlon Zone Testing Protocol - all disciplines - I.R.E.P.

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:21
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:21
Training Load By Week

This is a testing week designed around testing in all three disciplines of Triathlon. There will be a 1500m swim test, Threshold Bike Test an Threshold Run Test. At the conclusion of this testing week an IREP coach will be able to establish your Functional Threshold Power, Heartrate, and Pacing Zones for future training and will update your Training Peaks Account Accordingly. If you have any questions about this plan please contact one of our coaches @ Coach Scott: 845-546-7677 Coach Anthony: 518-570-8092

Sample Day 1
Bike Power/Lactic Threshold Test

Figure out your Functional Threshold Power/HR. Be sure your body is rested, this is like a short race effort. Allen and Coggan's protocol is as follows in Exercises & Intervals

Sample Day 2
CSS Test

200 swim
100 kick
200 pull
2 x 50 build by 25 to race pace
400 meter time trial
100 easy stroke with big rest
200 Meter Time Trial push off start
200 easy cooldown

Sample Day 3
1hour easy ride

1hr zone 2

Sample Day 4
1500 Yard/Meter Time Trial

Main Set: 1500 Meter/Yard Time Trial

Sample Day 5
3 mile Easy

3 miles or 30 minutes which ever comes first

Sample Day 6
1hour easy ride

1hr zone 2

Sample Day 7
Run Functional Threshold Pace/HR Test

Protocol to establish functional threshold pace and heart rate zones. ENJOY!

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