T3 Coaching Winter Training - 16 week


Kevin Crossman

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Other, 2 Run, 2 Bike, 1 Swim, 1 Brick

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Have fun this winter and stay in great shape (all in under an hour)!!!

This plan is structured to help triathletes maintain a higher level of fitness throughout the winter months. Participants will be expected to have access to a trainer, swimming pool, and ability to perform strength/core exercises.

The exciting part of this plan is each week will carry a specific goal to transfer that learning to your race season.

Some weeks will have recommended equipment necessary to perform exercises.

*Please note that Monday's are always a rest day, but you can adjust it as needed.

Kevin Crossman

T3Coaching, LLC

USAT Certified Coach for 11 years. I will find the most methodical approach towards making your journey rewarding - not only for the participant, but also family, friends, and those who you associate with. Big believer in balance of life...not merely triathlon.

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Sample Day 1

Week 1

Goal of this week:
Establish a higher run cadence than you currently have. T3 Coaching is a believer in high stride rates. Throughout this week, challenges will be given to help you improve your stride rate. Good luck and keep track of your progress!

Sample Day 2

Go for a 20-30 minute run, counting stride rate every 5th minute. Record numbers for later reference. Perform on a flat road or track for accuracy.

Sample Day 3

A strider is very much a controlled sprint. The goal is to run very fast with relaxed technique and a fast turnover.

Perform a 30 minute run as:
5 mins of jogging...
From minute 5-6, perform a 100yard strider...walk for the remainder of the minute.

Repeat this cycle 5 times to get a full 30 minute workout.

Sample Day 4

Start off by jumping rope for 2 minutes (rest as needed)
Run 5 minutes...return to jump rope
Jump rope for 90 seconds, trying your best to improve your quickness
Run 5' easy
Jump rope for 60 secs, even faster
Run 5' easy (quick little steps)
Jumpe rope for 30 seconds, hoping to achieve highest speed.
Run 5' mins easy

Sample Day 5

Crosstrain for the week. This can be any type of cycling (Mtn Biking, Cyclo-cross, road or tri). Effort is completely up to you. 1hr

Sample Day 6

Running Drills

1 mile w/u 2x20m of each: 10" rest between each High Knees High Heels (butt kickers) Carioca (grapevine) Power Skips Box Striders (a strider with both arms out in front like carrying a box) Backwards run Walking Lunge Fast feet The remainder easy jogging with focus on stride rate

Sample Day 7

45 mins

Medium endurance run with the goal of challenging yourself to maintain the best stride rate throughout the entirety of the run.

T3 Coaching Winter Training - 16 week

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