6 Week General Prep Phase - 140.6 Races


Maria Simone

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 2 Other, 3 Bike, 4 Run, 3 Swim, 4 Strength

Longest Workout

0:38 hrs swim
2:40 hrs bike
1:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon beginner power based hr based strength base period

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Creator: Maria Simone, No Limits Endurance Coaching

Length: 6 weeks

Weekly Duration (average): 7-8 hours (includes recovery weeks in average)

Ability level: Advanced beginner to intermediate

This 6-week plan is ideal for the advanced beginner or intermediate who is looking to add an additional 6 weeks of general preparation prior to starting a 24 week 140.6 training plan.

The goal of this plan is prepare the body for the longer duration of the training to come. It focuses on developing:
1) Consistency with 6 days/week of training
2) Skills relative to long course racing
3) Strength relative to swim-bike-run
4) A strong foundation for more race-specific 140.6 training

The plan includes information about how to set your zones: 1) Heart rate for bike & run; 2) Power for Bike, 3) Pace for swim & run. Bike workouts are structured by power. Run workouts are structured by heart rate.

Prior to starting this plan, you should be able to swim 1500 yards, bike 90 minutes continuously, and run 60 minutes continuously. The plan includes swim sessions 3x/week, cycling 3x/week, and running 4x/week.

In addition to the swim, bike and run sessions, this plan provides functional strength training sessions.

If you purchase this plan, you should feel free to contact me with any questions: maria@nolimitsendurance.com

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:04
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:04
Average Weekly Breakdown

Maria Simone

No Limits Endurance Coaching

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Sample Day 1

Bike 20 min (RPE structure)

This is the day every cyclist and triathlete eagerly awaits ;-)
15 minutes easy spin

5 x
- 1 minute build to hard
- 1 minute easy

2 miutes easy
20 minutes-->
--work at the hardest effort you can maintain for this time period.
--Be sure to hit the lap button on your HR monitor and power meter when you start and end this test. This will easily separate it from the warm up and cool down (make sure auto-lap is turned off!)
--work on maintaining effort throughout this test. It will be hard. Stick with it as best as you can.
10-15 minutes easy, easy spin to clear out the lactic acid

Sample Day 1

Easy Run

Keep this run on the easy side, working at an RPE of 3 to 5 throughout. We'll set HR targets this weekend. Use RPE until then.

Sample Day 2

Body Position 2

300 easy done as: 50 swim, 50 kickboard, 50 swim, 50 kickboard
- Front balance: 4 x 25, 15 seconds rest between each set
- 100 free (focusing on proper body alignment), 10s rest
- Side balance: 4 x 25, alternating right and left, 10 seconds rest
- 100 free (focusing on engaged core to support the rotation)
- Front balance: 2 x 50, 15 seconds rest
- 100 free, 10s rest
- Side balance: 4 x 25, alternating right and left, 5 seconds rest
- 100 free, 10s rest
2 x 400, steady, with 15 sec rest
DRILL DESCRIPTIONS--------------->



Sample Day 3

Cycling Efficiency Drills SLD 30s

10 min easy
SLD: 10 x
- 30 seconds left leg
- 30 seconds right leg
- 1:00 both legs

5 min easy spin
*This should be done at recovery/easy intensity. The drills are strictly about pedaling efficiency - not working hard.

Sample Day 3

Steady base with strides (RPE structured)

Light cardio warm up, such as walk/jog or core work. Dynamic stretches.
Take the first 10-15 minutes to warm up easy into the run. (as you need). Then, run at a steady, zone 2 effort.
In the final 5 minutes, do 6 x 20 second strides*, with 30 second easy jogs between.

Sample Day 4

25s - Fast 25s

200 easy/Zone1
2 x 100, zone 2/steady, 10 sec rest
200, zone 2/steady, 10 sec rest
8 x 25 hard/zone4, 10 sec rest
[TAKE EXTRA 30 SEC REST after 8th 25]
8 x 25 hard/zone4, 10 sec rest
[TAKE EXTRA 30 SEC REST after 8th 25]
200, zone 2/steady, 10 sec rest
2 x 100, zone 2/steady, 10 sec rest
200 easy

Sample Day 5

Pre-run Activation

Before you run: Do some activation for the body. Here's a good list of items. Select a combination of these - and vary them from day to day. Total activation time should be 15 minutes :-)

You are not doing ALL of these exercises - you can pick a mix of 8-12 and do one set of each, or pick fewer and do 2-3 sets of each. As you like :-)

Vary these up!

Calves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zs4hh4cp98

Full range of dynamic stretch motions: https://www.runnersworld.com/health-injuries/a20821629/a-dynamic-stretching-routine/

- Plank - 30-60 seconds
- Side plank - 30-60 seconds
- Side plan w/ hip lift - 15-20 lifts per side

- Bridges (one legged, to really isolate the glute on each side) - 15-20 reps
- Bridges - straight legs on a stability ball - 15-20 reps
- Bridges - bend legs on a stability ball - 15-20 reps

- Side leg lifts - 10 reps with leg straight up, 10 reps with leg out just slightly (maybe 5 degrees) over the top one with foot inverted toward ground, then 10 more with leg out a little bit further than previous set (maybe 10 degrees) foot still inverted toward ground
- Leg circles - you get in position as if you are doing a leg lift. Lift the top leg, then do 5-10 circles of the leg in one direction. Then 5-10 circles in the opposite direction. THese are not huge sweeping arcs :-) - just little circles.

- Static lunges - 15-20 each leg (really focus on the glutes doing the work here) - so you lunge in position, one leg at a time
- Dynamic lunges - 15-20 - you alternate legs each lunge
- Walking lunges - 15-20 lunges, alternating legs, per walk
-Single leg lunges - 10-20 per leg (back leg is propped up on chair or other item. Make sure that item is STABLE!!)

- Lateral squats - w/ band, 15-20 reps to each side (so when you squat, you step to the left or right instead of just going straight down)
- Single leg squats (you can hold something for balance if you need to maintain form) - 10-20 reps per leg (or less if you need to maintain form!)
- Walking side squats (also sometimes called "monster walk" - 10-20 squats per side per walk

- alternate superman - 15-20 reps per leg
- clamshells - w/ band - 15-20 reps per leg
- Single leg deadlift - 10-20 reps per leg
- Calf raises - 10-20 reps (toes straight, toes inverted, toes everted)

6 Week General Prep Phase - 140.6 Races

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