specific race/ Build plan. Oly distance, Boulder Peak, Triathlon, Int. 10 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:19
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:19
Training Load By Week

This plan is designed to aid the returning triathlete to conquer the boulder Peak tri with confidence, increased speed and power. This is also a great plan for intermediate athletes competing in other Olympic tri’s of similar distance. You should have 5-9 hours per week to train, and access to a pool or open water. This plan will take you through 10 weeks of specific training right up to race day!

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Sample Day 1
End. Ride

zone 2, steady pace.stay relaxed. make sure the bike works well. make notes of things that may need to be replaced fixed. ie. new tires, shifting needs adj. etc...

Sample Day 3

TEST: time to get some training zones.
warm up well. 15' at least include a few hard 1' efforts. find an uninterrupted stretch of road and ride for 30'. steady, all out, effort. record your HR and perceived excretion for the last 20' of the test. Ride home easy to cool down.
go to PTS website and down load the "HR zone chart" under TRAINING INTENSITY to find you training heart rate zones.
e-mail coach Eric at eric@performancetrainingsystems.com with questions.

Sample Day 4
Endurance Swim #1 from MP

time to find a pool or the local swimming hole. with a group is best. take your time. work on being smooth in the water. breathing from alternate sides and going straight!

Sample Day 5
Base building

First run: keep it easy. don't be affraid to walk if you need, were just getting started.

Sample Day 6
Easy ride

or longer if you feel up to it. keep the pace realxed focus on having a relaxed upper body and pedaling smooth circles with the legs.

Sample Day 9
Check cadence

On soft surface. Heart rate zone 1 only. Check cadence several times (21 plus right foot strikes in 15 seconds).

Sample Day 11
LT test, 40' TT, avg HR?

BT: Warm up well. Then run a 40 minute time trial on flat course/track. Punch HR monitor 'lap' button 10 minutes into Time Trial. Average heart rate for last 30 minutes predicts threshold heart rate (LTHR).

enter your avg. HR for the last 30' in the HR zones section in your training peaks software.

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