SuperFly Coaching 70.3 Build-Peak Period 13-14hrs/wk

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:07
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:07
Training Load By Week

This plan is intended for the under-age-50 triathlete who has been racing for 2 or more years. Over-50 athletes will do fine with it if their recovery rate is good. You should be capable of training for about 12 or more hours weekly before starting this plan. It typically calls for 4 swims, 4 bike rides, and 4 runs weekly plus an optional strength workout.

Sample Day 1
Basic strength routine in weight room

Some basic strength work, LIGHT weight, or body weight only. Squats, good mornings or a deadlift, sit-ups, push-ups, basic step-ups, lat pulls, rows, and some simple jumping exercises, (like a low box, quick small jump sets). Planks to finish. A circuit of this stuff is fine, we're just trying to get you into a routine. Even if you body weight and lighter stuff, you'll be sore, so don't be aggressive here.

Sample Day 2
Cru ints, mod hill, 3-4x5' @ 4-5aZ

BT: Cruise intervals. On a moderate hill ( about 4-6% grade) run 3-4 x 5 minutes. Build to heart rate 4-5a zones. Recovery is your descent time, if doing indoors, make the recovery 2 minutes.. Good form!

Sample Day 2
Mod-easy pyramid

WU: 4 x 100 swim done as 25s each of kick, R arm only, L arm only, swim.
MS: The even intervals are done at 5 seconds slower than 100 T-pace. The others are relaxed swims with good technique. Recoveries are in seconds within parentheses.
100 (15”) 200 (20”) 300 (40”) 400 (60”) 300 (40”) 200 (30”) 100.
CD: Easy combination of kicks and strokes for 10 minutes.
Total: 2400

Sample Day 3
Recovery/base building

Very easy recovery spin on a mostly flat course in small chain ring. Heart rate zone 1 and 2. Light on the pedals. Comfortably high rpm focusing on pedaling skills.

Sample Day 3

Zone 2 run. Do not go above zone 2! We are really going to try to focus on staying within zones this year! That also means when we do hard runs...staying in those zones too. Get ready to rock! ;)

Sample Day 4

BT: Hill Cruise Intervals. Climb a 6-8 minute hill (4-6% grade), 4-5 times in heart rate 4-5a zones. Stay seated. Smooth pedaling. Higher gear than usual. 60-70 rpm.

Sample Day 4
Ladder down

WU: 6 x 50 done as 25 drill of choice, 25 building speed.
500 at T-pace (50”). (See Comments below.)
5 x 25 fast (20”).
400 at T-pace (40”).
4 x 25 fast (20”).
300 at T-pace (30”).
3 x 25 fast (20”).
200 at T-pace (20”).
2 x 25 fast (20”).
100 at T-pace.
CD: 200 easy kicks and swims of your choice.

Adam Zucco
SuperFly Coaching

Has has been coaching for over 15 years. He and his partner, Joe Friel, started TrainingBible Coaching and are the leading endurance authors. Adam has coached countless athletes to PRs and to Kona Qualification including Ben Kanute, US Olympian.