Lunch Break Technique Work (swimming)

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 12

5 min swim—stretch out arms
5 min kick—mix up the kick (fins are optional)

4x100 (25 kick/50 drill/25 fast) @2
You choice of drills from this list:
Fist drill, finger drag, 6 k switch, 1 arm, 3-6-3, balance drill,, bow drill
Can do backstroke drills too if you want:
Drills=balance drill, 1 arm, double arm (work on pull), 3-6-3, 6 k switch, fist
8x50 Odds: breath every 4th stroke to the Right Evens: Breath every 4th stroke to the Left @1:10
*use fins*
800 yards+5min swim/kick

Sample Day 15

4x50 drill/swim @1:10
*if you want to do other strokes besides free, go for it!
* do the drills we did last week for free/back
8x50 K w/fins 1-4 desc., 5-8 ascend @1:10

4x50 fr w/ fins and pull buoy (this will help you learn to kick from the hips) @1:15
4x50 fr w/ fins only (feel the difference in the kick without the pull buoy, work on using the hips)@1:15
4x50 fr no equipment (work the kick, keep nice relaxed arms) @1:15

200 cool down

Sample Day 16

100 swim
75 kick (fins)
50 drill (fist drill)
25 build
25 kick (no fins, kick on back)
50 build
75 drill (25 r arm, 25 l arm, 25 6 k switch)
100 swim

4x(4x25 free drills w/o fins) @:45
Round 1= fist drill
Round 2= pinky drill (make fist, with pinky left out)
Round 3= texas drill (make the texas hand)
Round 4= Regular free (use forearms to pull, work on high elbow under the water)

4x(4x25 kick drills ww/fins) @:45
Round 1= kick under water to middle—then swim nice and relaxed the rest of the way
Round 2= free swim to the middle—then kick underwater to the wall
Round3= kick on stomach with monster kick
Round4= dolphin kick on side

100 cool down

Sample Day 17

200 swim
200 kick
4x50 desc. @1

12x50 alt. k/drill, drill/s (mix in free and back if you want) @1:10 *fins can be used
2x50 distance per stroke (least amount of strokes possible)

8x50 Golf @1:30
*try to get the least amount of strokes with the fastest time possible and get a low score
Example: 30 strokes+30 sec= your score is 60
These have a lot of rest, try to hold the stroke together and use fins to keep your kick at it’s best!

100 cool down

Sample Day 18

3x150 (100 swim+50 kick) @R:15-20 between each

2x {3x50 Build @1
{2x50 DPS @1:05
{1x50 3-6-3 drill @1:10

4x25 free swim (no equipment) work on perfect techniq ue @:40
4x25 free w/fins (work the kick, use pull buoy if you want to)@:45
4x25 free w/fins and paddles (work pull and kick, work these, go FAST) @:50

50 cool down

Sample Day 19

2x300 (100 s/100k/50 drill/50 build) @5:30 0r R:15-20
3x50 fr (25 build/25 opposite build) @1
3x50 k desc. @1:15

3x(8x25 )as follows:
First 8= drill: 2 balance, 2 6 k switch, 1 r arm, 1 l arm, 2 3-6-3 @:45
Next 8= Kick: 2 both fins, 2 with fin on R foot only, 2 with fin on L foot only, 2 with no fins @1
Last 8= Variable speed( ½ fast/ ½ easy, ½ easy/ ½ fast, 25 Fast, 25 Easy)x2 @:40

100 easy

Sample Day 22

200 free
150 kick
100 drill (25 balance/25 R arm/25 L arm/ 25 3-6-3)
50 build

8x50 kick (2 w/ fins @1, 2 w/o fins @1:15, 2 w/ 1 fin @ 1:10, 2 with 1 fin @1:10)
100 free with fins and pull buoy @2 (work the kick/feel the burn in the legs!)
6x50 (25 drill/25 fast swim) @1:10
Pick your drill: balance, 6k switch, 3-6-3, 1 arm, fist, texas, pinky, bow drill, finger drag, kick on side, etc.
100 free with fins and pull buoy (go a little faster) @1:50
4x50 free w/ paddles only (working on putting pressure on the hands) @1-1:05
100 free with fins and pull buoy (a little faster) @1:40
2x50 cool down @1-1:10