8 Week Off-Season Weight Loss and Strength Plan


Andrew Dollar

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Run, 3 Strength, 1 Swim, 2 Bike

Longest Workout

0:50 hrs swim
1:49 hrs bike
1:15 hrs run

Plan Specs


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This plan is for the age group triathlete that struggles with weight gain in the off-season. It's an 8 week plan that combines swim, bike, and run workouts with 2-3 short strength sessions each week that can be done AT HOME. The purpose of this plan is to maintain fitness, correst muscle imbalances, teach your body to exercise without nutrition, lose weight, and maintain a light schedule. The hours peak at 6:10.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:08
Average Weekly Breakdown

Andrew Dollar

FTP Coaching

I am a USAT Level 2 coach with a focus in long course & ITU racing. I have coached over 300 different athletes ranging from the first time triathlete to the overall race winner. I host numerous training camps aimed at helping athletes improve at long course racing. I also volunteer with the SE High Performance Team, home to several national championship junior & youth elite athletes.

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Sample Day 1

Easy 30-No nutrition

Zone 1-2 only, conversational pace. No tempo, never out of breath. Embarrassingly slow! No nutrition besides water.

Sample Day 2

Strength - Metabolic On The Minute

On the minute, every minute, for 15 minutes:
7 sit-ups
9 pushups
11 squats to at LEAST parallel, working toward getting butt as close to ground as possible.
Notes: make sure your squats start with a hinge of the hips (as if about to sit in a chair) instead of bending the knees first.

Sample Day 3

Speed Set

Warm Up: 150, 2x75 building pace
2x50 very fast (10" rest between)
2x100 fast (15" rest between)
150 steady pace
rest 15"
200 steady pace
rest 15"
150 steady pace
rest 10"
2x100 fast (20" rest between)
4x50 very fast (10" rest between)
CD: 2x50 kicking, 100 easy

Sample Day 4

Intervals -6x1

Warm Up: 10 minutes fast walking or slow jogging
Main Set:
6x1 minute high intensity (fast) followed by 1 minute low intensity (easy, walking if needed)
Cool Down: 5-10 minutes easy until heart rate is controlled and breathing returns to normal.

Sample Day 5

Strength - Corrective

Repeat for 20 minutes at a controlled (not fast) pace:

Attach on end of a resistance band to an anchor such as a table leg, and loop the other end around your ankle closest to the anchor point. Start with the looped leg away from your body, then bring it across your center while keeping the legs straight and your hips facing forward.

Attach one end of a resistance band to a stationary object and loop the other end around the ankle that is farther away from your attachment point. Keeping hips square and level, swing leg away from body.

Lie on back with legs straight and arms out to sides. Lift your butt off the ground 1-3 inches and hold for 50 seconds.

Place a dumbbell or kettlebell in front of your toes. Lift your left leg behind you as your right hand reaches for the weight. The most important movement here is your left leg raising behind you while keeping your back flat. Don't simply lower your torso to the groud and pick up the weight - you will strain your back. Once you pick up the weight, raise up fully and lower foor almost to the ground, then lower again to place the weight back on the ground. Raise up without the weight and then repeat on the other side.

Sample Day 6

Long Ride-No Nutrition

Zone 1-2 only except hills. Easy pace, no nutrition. Water only.

Sample Day 6

Brick Run

15 minutes off the bike, easy and controlled.

8 Week Off-Season Weight Loss and Strength Plan

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