3-Week Testing (PWR Based)- By TrainingBible Coaching Elite Coach Ryan Riell

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:50
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:50
Training Load By Week

This is a three (3) week triathlon testing protocol that includes analysis of the numbers generated by Ryan Riell, the Head Coach of Break Through Multisport (breakthroughmultisport.com)

Sample Day 1
*Run Testing- 1600, 6' VO2max, 6x400

*Run Testing- 1600, 6'VO2max, 6x400 Test* . WU: 5' walking, DWU then 10-15' with accelerations, strides and drills to ensure you are warmed up MS:1600 meter all out effort (goal is to run the fastest 1600 possible) - 5' walking - 6' all out effort (record the distance covered for this 6' effort) -5' walking then - 6x400 max efforts (record total time per 400) w/ recovery time equal to work time CD: fill in the rest of the 1:15 with a warm down jog between LR and REC

Sample Day 2
*Bike Testing- (PWR) Lactate Field Test: Conconi Style Step Test

*Bike Testing- (PWR) Lactate Threshold Field Test . 10min easy spin on the Computrainer to warm it up then set it (see manual) to ensure you calibrate it correctly. Keep effort below Z2 during this period. . Make sure you start the test session with a low enough wattage so that this acts as a basic W/U . Main Test Set: . Start the first set at approximately 125-150 watts less than you expect there predicted Lactate Threshold to be. . 2 min steps with a 10 watt increase each step, during the last 15" of the 2' set take heart rate, RPE and look for changes in breathing. Cadence should never drop below 85rpm during the test. . The total duration of the test should be no more than 18 steps so 36min, this with a 10min easy spin before and a 12min W/D after will give you an hour total. . After the session upload the associated file and log your workout with the appropriate notes.

Sample Day 2
*Swim Testing- 200/800

*Swim Testing- 200/800 Test* . WU: 5x(25 swim, 25 drill, 50 swim) on 10" MS: 200 Dive Start, rest 1' then 800 push start. Do your best to record splits for each 100, but at a minimum, we need the total time for the 200 and the 800. CD: 5x100 easy - *Do you best to record your times per 100 for each portion of the test, this is important information

Sample Day 3
*Run Testing- Lactate Field Test: Conconi Style Step Test

*Run Testing- Lactate Field Test* . WU: 5min easy on treadmil or on the track to get use to it at Z2 effort, then go through basic dynamic stretches & warm up. Follow this with 5min easy walking on the treadmill/track to allow blood lactate to stabilize. . Test: Begin test at a speed 5 steps lower than you expect Threshold HR to be at (approximately your AVE HR for your last 5k TT) . Run 1200m at 120bpm, increasing your HR by 10 BPM every 1200m. Use the first 200m of each 1200 to get heart rate up and relatively stabilized for the next step, then hold it for the next 1000m, record pace for each of the 1000m "steps" and how your felt on a scale of 6-20 (see pacing chart attached to this workout via the paper clip logo above). Continue the test until you can no longer make a 10 bpm heart rate jump, which should be about 6 steps max. . CD: 5-10 easy jog then 5-10' walking . *For most conditioned athletes starting at 120bpm and increasing in 10bpm jumps works well, keep the steps to 4-5min in duration. . **The way to sort out LT in this test is to look for 3 things: . (1) the point at which you feel you RPE level is between 14-15, be truthful with yourself. . (2) try to take note of the point at which your breathing rate increase and you begin to huff and puff. . (3) your pace per mile at threshold should be close to your last off the bike 10km run race pace if applicable

Sample Day 5
*Run Testing- 1 Mi. OTB Run TT

1 mi all out run time trial. Record total time, max and ave HR for the test. Email me the total time, max and average HR numbers. Then upload the associated files to Training Peaks.
CD: 5-10' walking then stretch

Sample Day 5
*Bike Testing- OLY/HIM Test Set (3x20min Race Pace)

*Bike Testing- OLY/HIM Test Set (3x20')* . WU: 15-20min easy spin at 90 RPM with 3-5 tempo efforts under 1' to pre-load the system. MS: 3 x 20min effort at HIM or OLY race pace effort with a cadence over 90 RPM in the aerobars (this test is based off RPE, NOT HR or PWR. You still need to use the HR monitor and/or PWR meter to record data, in addition to the distance covered in each 20' effort. Then submit all the data via your Training Peaks account). Between each 20' interval, take a 20min recovery spin in Z1-2 at 90RPM+, out of the aerobars.CD: 10-15min easy spin - **This test is based off RPE, where you ride at what you "feel" is race pace. The goal of this set is to look at change in wattage output relative to heart rate over time if you have a PWR meter or HR over velocity if you do not.

Sample Day 6
*Run Testing- 30' HR TT

*Run Testing- 30' HR Test* . On relatively flat course with as few turns and stop lights/signs as possible. Make sure this course is repeatable for future TT's. Keep your cadence over 90 RPM the entire time. . WU: 15' loosen MS: 30' all out TT. I want you to record the following info: 1) average HR for the last 20' of the 30' TT. 2) Distance covered in the full 30' CD: 10' easy cool down. . Please email me this info ASAP!