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Intermediate Half Distance - 8 weeks - with dry land simulation


Mark Farquhar

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8 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon intermediate power based hr based

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Plan Description

Who's this for?
Covid 19 - Due to ongoing world wide situation, it is unsure when races are going to take place. This plan will help provide structure and maintain a good level of fitness so you are ready to ramp up when races become available!!!

All athletes will have email access to me, and after the first 4 week period, you feel the plan is not working for you then I happy to discuss alternative free of charge.

What's included?
Each week there are 2 x Swim (Dryland Swim simulation exercises), 3 x Bike, 2 x run and 12 Strength & Conditioning. All sessions include full description of how to perform the session.. Sessions will be downloadable to most Garmin type devices and usable with Zwift, Traineroad, etc...

The cycle includes 3 weeks build work followed by 1 week active recovery. At the end of the active recovery week there will be a threshold test. This will help monitor progress.
I have also included a broad range of tips and advice throughout the plan covering most matters triathlon, Transitions, Nutrition, Bike Fitting, etc....


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:40 hrs 2:33 hrs
2:01 hrs 2:00 hrs
0:59 hrs 0:35 hrs
0:40 hrs 0:40 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:40 hrs 2:33 hrs
2:01 hrs 2:00 hrs
0:59 hrs 0:35 hrs
0:40 hrs 0:40 hrs

Training Load By Week

Mark Farquhar

TriSMART Coaching

TriSMART's Head Coach and founder is Mark Farquhar. Mark is an ITU Level 2 Triathlon Coach, with many years experience in the triathlon and running world. With several podiums in the past few years in triathlon, cycling and running, Mark knows how to sustain a consistent training base whilst also balancing the demands of work and family life.

Sample Day 1

dryland - endurance + core #1

Resistance cord swim pulls 1 min easy, 1 min hard 2 min easy, 1 min hard 3 min easy, 1 min hard 4 min easy, 1 min hard 5 min easy, 1 min hard Core set Complete 3 sets: 30 sec flutter kicks 10x push-ups 10x each side bird dog 30-sec high-to-low planks

Sample Day 2

Monghetti Fartlek (w/ floats)

Try to come back slightly faster the second half of this workout. This will get tough.

Sample Day 3

Strength and Conditioning #1

Whole Body Strength:
1. Squat: 2 x 12 (Exercise 1)
2. Alternate Lunge: 2 x 8 (Exercise 5)
3. Single Leg Squat: 2 x 6 (Exercise 3)
4. Reverse Lunge: 2 x 6 (Exercise 6)
5. Bent Over Row: 2 x 12 (Exercise 12)
6. Push Up: 2 x 12 (Exercise 13)
7. Glute Bridge: 2 x 12 (Exercise 18)
8. Bird Dog: 2 x 7 (Exercise 19)
9. Plank: 1 x 2 (Exercise 21)
10. Reverse Crunch: 2 x 12 (Exercise 28)

Flexibility: 5-10 minutes

1. 2 x 12 = 2 sets of 12 repetitions with a rest between sets.
2. Rests are 20-40 secs.
3. When an exercise alternates right and left, the right PLUS left movement is 1 rep.
4. For unilateral exercises, perform reps on the right, then repeat on the left. Then move to next set.
5. Breathe out on exertion and maintain form throughout.
6. For flexibility see the link below or choose stretches that work well for you.

Sample Day 4

Speed Skill Bike 50mins

Warm Up:
15mins in Zone 2, 

6x3mins in upper Zone 4 to low Zone 5.
All with 2mins recoveries in Zone 1 to 2.

Warm Down:
7mins easy spin in Zone 2.

Sample Day 5

dryland - upper strength + pyramid intervals

WU - with resistance cords: 10x Chest Press 10x Standing Row 10x each side Tricep Extension 10x Bicep Curl 10x Shoulder Fly 10x Chest Fly 10x Back Fly With resistance cords, mimic a swim pull at a resistance that is easy-to-medium effort. 1 min on, 1 min off 2 min on, 1 min off 3 min on, 1 min off 2 min on, 1 min off 1 min on, 1 min off

Sample Day 6

Test Session: Threshold Run Test

Threshold Run Test
This is ideally done on a running track or looped flatish area. It is best to use the same location at approx the same time of day to repeat your Test. Treat the 30 mins running like a race!!!

This test will allow Mark to anaylyse your Heart Rate Zones for Running, and your Pace Zones. It will help to monitor progress from previous tests, therefore its helpful to have a similar environment.

Warm Up:
15 mins in Z2 (easy/steady).
4 x 30 secs accelerating from Z2 to Z4 + 30 sec recoveries in Z1. Followed by 5mins recovery before going straight into test.

Main Set:
Run for 30 mins at the fastest pace you can maintain for the duration. .

Warm Down:
5 mins in Z1 to Z2 (easy)

Once completed let your coach know how you got on.

Sample Day 7

Aerobic Endurance

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