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Free COVID-19 training plan: Bike, Run, and S&C for triathletes. 7 hours per week.

Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

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Mikael Eriksson, Founder & Head Coach @ Scientific Triathlon, host of That Triathlon Show podcast

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8 Weeks

Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

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Plan Description

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This 8-week plan is designed for triathletes with no swim access due to COVID-19. The plan is designed to be more than just maintenance - we want to double down on running and cycling and improve those two disciplines. The Strength & Conditioning work in the plan will facilitate such improvements, but will also be helpful once you get back into the pool again.

While we are working to improve your capacity on the bike and run, the plan is designed so as not to push you to the absolute limit (which could potentially cause immuno-supression). Rather, you will be holding a consistent workload week to week, where the individual days vary from lower to higher training load, but on a weekly basis training load is fairly constant and should feel sustainable. In other words, the plan is what we might call "modern base training". The emphasis is on aerobic endurance, but no aspect of fitness gets left behind, and there will be some work done on each of the important elements of fitness, including strength endurance, neuromuscular efficiency, aerobic capacity (VO2max), and fractional utilisation of VO2max (e.g. tempo/threshold).

The plan is based around a 5-zone system (Recovery, Endurance, Tempo, Threshold, VO2max), so you can use it with any devices (Heart Rate, Pace and/or Power) as long as you establish your 5 training zones for that particular measure of intensity. The structured workouts in the plan are written based on power (cycling) and pace (running). use this calculator to establish your training zones:

The plan is perfect for those training around 7 hours per week but can be used by anyone training between 5-9 hours per week. If you're training less than 7 hours, feel free to drop a session, especially in the early weeks, to not make to big a jump in training volume. If you're training more than 7 hours, feel free to extend some sessions (with easy endurance) or even add some sessions (again, easy endurance) to reach your typical training volume.

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Strength x3
00:60:00 00:20:00
Bike x3
03:30:00 01:30:00
Run x3
02:30:00 01:00:00
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
00:60:00 00:20:00
03:30:00 01:30:00
02:30:00 01:00:00

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter

All supported devices

Mikael Eriksson - Founder of Scientific Triathlon, Podcaster at That Triathlon Show

Scientific Triathlon

With all the athletes I coach, I have three goals:

-Improve the athlete's performance
-Increase the motivation and enjoyment the athlete gets from the sport
-Provide 100% personalized feedback, mentoring and support. Essentially, teach my athletes to be able to self-coach, should they so desire.

I have coached complete beginners to finish their first sprint and Olympic triathlons, and helped intermediate/advanced athletes qualify for World Championships and reach age group wins and podiums.

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