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Triathlon: Corona (COVID-19) Plan + Dryland Workouts | Advanced | 4 Weeks | Indoor Training


Mark Saroni

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4 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon advanced multi day pace based

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Plan Description

Winning is a Mindset Not a Spot on the Podium

Our training plans are designed & built with one thing in mind, the success of our athletes. Start your journey to high performance today.

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Plan Overview

  • Specific to athletes who have been affected by recent race postponements
  • Shift primary focus from SBR activities to supporting activities of mobility, strength, skills, & force.
  • Focus on intensity rather than duration
  • Uses swim stretch cords & dryland training in place of pool workouts
  • The ADVANCED plan is for athletes who have more time on their hands due to reduced workload
  • 10% of all plan sales will go to the World Health Organization (WHO)

Required Equipment

  • Bike power meter
  • GPS smart watch
  • Strength step, stool, chair, curb, or stairs



  • Unlimited athlete-initiated email support
  • Detailed workout instructions
  • Mental coaching & education
  • Strength & mobility
  • Nutritional guidelines

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  • Personal coach assigned to YOU
  • Coach-initiated monthly review
  • Athlete-initiated schedule changes (2x/month)
  • Free 15 min pre-race phone consultation
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  • $8/wk or less!

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"The program gets five stars from me. At the end of the day, what matters is performance: Did I improve? Am I faster? Am I stronger? Do I feel better? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes."

-Pablo Bueno: IM Texas Finisher

"Coach Mark is exceptional! Because of his coaching, I am able to compete again in a sport I love. I greatly appreciate & value his professionalism, dedication, & expertise."

-Kathleen O'Shea: Track & Field Athlete

Additional Information


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:39 hrs 2:00 hrs
3:53 hrs 1:47 hrs
1:20 hrs 0:45 hrs
0:10 hrs 0:10 hrs
1:04 hrs 0:34 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:39 hrs 2:00 hrs
3:53 hrs 1:47 hrs
1:20 hrs 0:45 hrs
0:10 hrs 0:10 hrs
1:04 hrs 0:34 hrs

Training Load By Week

Mark Saroni: MS Kinesiology, USA Triathlon, Cycling, & Swimming Certified Coach

Paragon Training

"Winning is a mindset, not a spot on the podium."
Mark's unique coaching style and knowledge of the sport is built on 15+ years of coaching & racing. He believes that a high-performance mindset is attainable for ANY athlete of ANY ability level.
He offers one-on-one coaching, training plans, & other services to help the everyday athlete achieve high performance.
If you count sport as an integral part of your life, then join Paragon Training & let us assist you in your quest to #SUFFERFASTER

Sample Day 1

Single Leg and high cadence proficiency

WU: Easy riding slowly building power, pace, and cadence

10 x :30 each leg of single leg pedaling. Unclip one foot and just pedal with one leg. Try to make the pedal stroke as smooth as possible.
1min easy between each set

5min spin

10x 45sec "spinups" Increase cadence every 15sec for 45sec until your bouncing in the saddle. Try to be as smooth and fluid as possible. 1:15 easy between each spin up.

CD: To time allotted

Sample Day 1

Dryland - endurance + core #1

Resistance cord swim pulls 1 min easy, 1 min hard 2 min easy, 1 min hard 3 min easy, 1 min hard 4 min easy, 1 min hard 5 min easy, 1 min hard Core set Complete 3 sets: 30 sec flutter kicks 10x push-ups 10x each side bird dog 30-sec high-to-low planks

Sample Day 1

Hip/Glutes band routine

MS: 20 reps each exercise]

Sample Day 2

Z3: 30 Second Muscle Tension Intervals (MTI)

WU: 10-15 Minutes of easy riding slower building power, cadence, and HR. 4:00 Minute cadence ramp keeping power fairly consistent but building cadence throughout 4:00 Minute easy MS: 30 Second MTI Reps at 50-65 rpm Recovery is 1 Minute easy resistance and high cadence between each rep -HR shouldn't be super high during these Goal: Muscle Tension Intervals to improve fiber recruitment and force development CD: 10min easy spin

Sample Day 2

Z2 - 50 Min steady run

Steady endurance run at Z1-Z2 HR
RPE 2-4

Complete some active stretching beforehand.
Good form and posture throughout run. Monitor cadence.

Supplement with hydration and calories if over 75min.

Recovery: rehydrate, carb/protein mixture, stretch/foam roll/ice bath if necessary.

Short Activation Routine:

IF = intensity factor (% of threshold)
RPE = rated perceived exertion (scale of 1-10, with 1 being very easy and 10 being very hard)

Sample Day 3

Z7: 30 Seconders

WU: 20 min easy jog to a park, grass field, dirt road or some other soft, even surface. 5 min of drills and active stretching (e.g. high knees, butt kicks, A-skips, B-skips, Karaoke) You want to have the legs and hips opened up before doing these. MS: 30 second accelerations w/ 1min recovery jog. First 2-4 seconds is build up to speed then hold pace and form then slowly decelerate. It's a wide pace range since the main purpose is neruological and form. Don't stare at your watch during these. Focus: Leg speed and neuromuscular integration. Verbal cues: Run tall with relaxed arms and shoulders, eyes looking ahead, hips forward, Fast but controlled. CD: 10-15min easy jog

Sample Day 3

DB Home Workout

WU: 5-10 min easy cardio
3 Rounds of each superset then progress to the next superset.

SuperSet A:
-20 walking lunges
-10 push up w/ row (keep hips stable)
-20 step ups (10 each leg, use a bench, chair, curb, stair, etc)
-10 seated military press w/ db

Superset B:
-20 stand ups ( 10 each leg, find a low bench, curb, or chair to sit on, lift one leg and stand up using only one leg)
-10 bench press w/ db (can be done on the ground)
-1:00 Static plank

Superset C(ore):
-20 Leg raises on back
-1:00 plank w/ 10sec opposite arm/leg raise every 20sec
-30sec side plank each side
-1 other core exercise of choice!

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