8-week Back on the Bike Plan


Chris McGovern


8 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Swim, 6 Bike, 1 Day Off, 1 Run

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
4:00 hrs bike
0:45 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon intermediate

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This plan is for triathletes who have been working more on swimming and running the last few months and have some catching up to do on their bikes. It assumes you have some fitness and are not just coming off the couch. There are 4-5 rides per week, 1 prescribed swim, and one prescribed run with short transition runs after a few bike rides. The weekly hours range from 6 hours to 15:45.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:22
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 12:22
Average Weekly Breakdown

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Sample Day 1

2500 yards #1

500 yard warm-up. Then 15 x 100 with :15 seconds rest between. 500 yard easy cool-down.

Sample Day 2

2 hour easy ride

2 hour easy rde. Z1-2 building the aerobic endurance

Sample Day 3

Strength Frequency Repeats

2hours Strength Frequency Repeats
Warm up 20+ minutes of easy riding
Main Set- find a hill 4-5 % grade that is around 8 minutes long. Ride 8 minutes seated at 50-60 RPM without going above zone 3. 6 x 8 with 2 min recovery in between each effort
45 min tempo 76-86% of LT
Cool Down- 15-20 minutes of easy riding

Sample Day 4


see test protocol. this can be done outside or indoors. keep the "venue" consistant for retest

Sample Day 5

easy run

easy run. 45 - 60 min.

Sample Day 6

2-4 hour endurance

this ride is 2-4 hour endurance ride z1-3. coach the aerobic system to convert the easy energy!

Sample Day 6

15-20 min transition run

15-20 min transition run

8-week Back on the Bike Plan

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