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2020 American Triple T Triathlon XT (22 Week)


Greg Grandgeorge

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22 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon intermediate power based strength

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Plan Description

The American Triple T XT race is a challenging multi-day race, with unique training and racing strategies. The following training plan was designed specifically for the long-course, XT version (140+ miles). This plan is 22 weeks long, starting on 12/30/19 and ending with the last day of the event on 5/31/20. It assumes a base level of fitness starting the plan, with just over 8 hours of exercise in week 1, with a peak week of just over 15 hours. The plan generally utilizes three specific swim sets, two strength sets, three cycling workouts and four runs, depending on week, varying intensities to target the aspects of the four races of the ATT race. The plan includes two race specific weekends, to practice fueling and recovery, which is key to success in this event. This plan is based on your swim threshold pace, threshold running pace, and cycling threshold power, as entered in TrainingPeaks. The plan includes testing/assessment workouts, so the athlete can keep zones updated, allowing the workouts to adjust pacing/power to accommodate changes in fitness. Note that this plan is based on utilizing a power meter for cycling training, not HR or RPE. All of the swim, cycling and running workouts have been created using TP's workout builder, allowing the workouts to be downloaded to apps such as Zwift, Rouvy, or Garmin devices, as applicable.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:28 hrs 2:10 hrs
0:04 hrs 0:39 hrs
4:49 hrs 4:30 hrs
—— ——
1:13 hrs 0:45 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:28 hrs 2:10 hrs
0:04 hrs 0:39 hrs
4:49 hrs 4:30 hrs
—— ——
1:13 hrs 0:45 hrs

Training Load By Week

Greg Grandgeorge

Tri2Max Coaching LLC

Your Results Matter. For most of us, we race for fun and not for a paycheck. For many, part of the fun is being able to show improvement over time... the feeling that the time you are investing will result in meeting your athletic or fitness goals. Tri2Max provides comprehensive and individualized coaching for Triathletes and Ultra Cyclists, designed to optimize your precious time and energy.

Sample Day 1

T2M Bike Test

Following 30 minutes of warm-up, a 20-minute time trial is used to estimate Functional Threshold Power (FTP) & estimate Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR).

1) If using a wheel-on trainer:
a) Make sure you have your tire aired up to the usual level. Typically this would around 100 PSI. It is important to use the SAME pressure for all test and all trainer rides, to have accurate power levels.
b) Make sure your tire isn't slipping on the trainer. Hold the flywheel and make sure you can't pull upon the tire and make it slip against the spindle. With higher power outputs (during the test), there is more chance of slipping. Cleaning your tire with rubbing alcohol (and letting it dry) helps ensure it doesn't slip.
2) On the trainer, make sure you have at least one fan to keep you cool while doing this test. Two fans is better, as you will get hot.
3) Weigh yourself before the test and include your weight in your notes, to allow w/kg update.
4) Don't blow yourself out in the warmup sections. Get up to speed a few times, but don't feel you need to meet or exceed all of the targets in warmup. Just make sure you are working hard enough to start sweating and feeling loosened up.
5) The test is ONLY the 20 minutes that start 30 minutes into the ride. That is the part you want to hit really hard. Pace yourself... this is a 20 minute test... don't use up everything in the first 5 minutes. Reassess where you are every 5 minutes and adjust accordingly. Since this is your maximum effort for 20 minutes... it will feel really uncomfortable. The goal is to ride as consistently as possible over the 20 minutes. It's not unusual for the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes to be have the most power output, but don't let your power sag significantly in the middle.
6) You should be somewhere between 80 and 105 cadence in this ride to maximize your power. You may shift a bit during the ride depending on how you feel. Lower cadences work the legs harder and higher cadences the cardio. It's okay to go higher and lower and alternate the pressure on legs or cardio... as long as you continue to put out as much sustainable power as possible.
7) If you are using a smart trainer, make sure your are NOT in ERG mode (where the app or software is controlling your power). You need to be able control your output/power by changing your rpm and gearing to ensure you are maximizing what you can do personally, and not just following the target values. We want to see your maximal power output for the 20 minute segment, as discussed above.

Sample Day 1

T2M Rec 4x200

All recovery pacing today. Rest as necessary. The primary goal of the swim today is just to help facilitate recovery.

Sample Day 2

T2M Swim Test Prep

The goal of this swim to prepare for the swim test later in the week. The primary focus for today is to simply work on good form, and practice pacing (below 100% effort).

Sample Day 2

T2M End 30 min Steady & EZ

All relatively easy Z2 endurance running today.

Can throw in some short 20 second strides (quick, but not forced pacing) to break this up a bit, if it feels good.

Sample Day 3

T2M End 1.5 mid Z2

Primary focus if building general endurance, around mid Z2.

Practice long course fueling today.

Sample Day 4

T2M Swim Test

The goal of this swim to establish your threshold swim pacing. This will be used to set swimming targets for your workouts.

With swimming, the threshold is also called Critical Swim Speed, or CSS. We can estimate your CSS by simply doing two time trial swims, one 400 and another 200.

Today's swim will be all easy pacing, with plenty of recovery, with exception of the two time trials.

The goal will be to swim each as fast as you can. In general, it is best to pace them as evenly as possible, rather than hammering the first 50 yards, and then dropping off dramatically, as this diminish the accuracy of the results.

Sample Day 4

T2M End 0:45 Steady & EZ

All relatively easy Z2 endurance running today.

Can throw in some short 20 second strides (quick, but not forced pacing) to break this up a bit, if it feels good.

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