8 week intermediate swim block for those wanting SIRIUS IMPROVEMENT!


Siri Lindley

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

7 Swim, 2 Bike, 2 Run

Longest Workout

6500 m swim
2:00 hrs bike
1:15 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon intermediate

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For the athlete that really wants to take their swim to the next level!!
This 8 week plan will push you to all new levels of fitness, strength, and confidence in the water, while also maintaining your feel and confidence on the bike and run.
This is a great challenge, and will also build your belief in yourself and your ability to push beyond what you think you can.
Take on this incredible physical and mental challenge and not only see your performance soar, but see your belief in you, strengthen immensely!!!
have fun!! you got this!!

for more information or swim tip videos: go to teamsiriustriclub.com
or write teamsiriustriclub@gmail.com


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:25
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:25
Average Weekly Breakdown

Siri Lindley

Sirius Athletes LLC

4x Ironman World Championship winning coach
3x70.3 World Championship winning Coach
1xUltraMan World Championship Coach
2xOlympic Medallist Coach
Former World Triathlon Champion 2001
Brown University Hall of Fame
USA Triathlon Hall of Fame
Boulder Sports Hall of Fame

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Sample Day 1

fartlek and hypoxic focus

1500 warm up:
pull buoy and band
fartlek: 25 tempo 75 easy.
50 tempo/50 easy.
25 tempo/ 75 easy.
100 tempo/100 easy and repeat x 3.

main set: swim no equipment.
hypoxic 5x200s: 1st 50: breathe every 3rd stroke.
2nd 50 breathe every 5th stroke.
3rd 50 breathe every 7th stroke. l
ast 50 breathe all you want and push the pace. rest 20 secs

1000 pb/band and paddles for strength.
and done.

Sample Day 1

Bike short and sweet 45 mins to 1 hour.

10 mins easy
5 mins of 15 seconds hard/ 45 seconds easy

1 min big gear grind for building strength. low cadence. power all around the pedal stroke: start at around 70 cadence and build up to adding more resistance and getting as low as 50 cadence. push down and pull up on the pedals.
1 min easy spin out and repeat x 10-15

5 mins easy

5 mins of 30 seconds HARD/ 30 seconds easy

5 mins warm down and done.

Sample Day 2

Speed Set: BOOM!

1000 warmup mix of drill/swim.
for example: 50 sculling drill/ 50 swim. 50 one arm drill/ 50 swim. and repeat x 10
try to incorporate the "feel" of the drill into the 50 swim after each drill to really feel the benefit of the drill

4x50 with 15m fast on 1:00. ( to get the Heart rate up and to prime yourself for a great set ahead)

main set: 4x50: 1 with 25 FAST on 1:00.
1 FAST on 1:00 and repeat.

2x100 fAST on 2:30.( or 1 minute rest. total recovery.)
200 easy swim.

2x50 ..1 with 25 fast on 1:00.
1 FAST on 1:30.
2x100: FAST on 2:30.

600 pull buoy band warm down (WD) and done.

Sample Day 3

SWIM: Kick and band only swim. so important!!

8x50 kick
( you do NOT have to be a fast kicker to be a great swimmer. I am living proof of that! kicking is so good for flushing out the legs and recovery, and the kick is what will add rythm and extra power to your stroke)
8x50 band only with 25 FAST
( if this is nearly impossible for you at first, stick to it!!! getting efficient at band only is what will take your swim to all new levels!! stick to it. it demands a powerful catch, a high stroke rate, a deep pull and an extremely powerful finish, all things that will lead to faster swimming and much more power in every stroke!! YOU NEED THIS!! stick to it!! take as much rest as needed!!)

6x50 kick

6x50 band only with 25 fast

4x50 kick

4x50 with 25 fast band only

2x50 kick

2x50 band only with 25 FAST

1000 Swim and drill mix by 50:
for example:
swim 50 and then do 50 of drill: example: sighting drill, sculling, one arm drill, fist drill, etc.
then repeat swim ( try to feel like you did doing the drill, strong, powerful, efficient)

Sample Day 4

SWIM pull buoy band/speed and efficiency.

pull buoy and band: 1000
let's do this as 500 just easy and then the 2nd 500 done with 25 FAST/ 75 easy. high stroke rate, powerful catch, deep pull and powerful finish out the back of your stroke. if you need to break this up at first for example into 10x100 or 5x200, you can, but let's build this up to being able to do 1000 straight!! good luck!! you got this!! so worth it as this work will take your swim to all new levels!!

5x100: swim feel your power, your stroke rate, your pull, your improvement all on 15 seconds rest at a steady aerobic effort.

4x50 kick

20x25 3 SUPER FAST 1 super easy on 15 seconds rest

5x100 FAST on 2:00: Best effort. do what you can. focus, strong, fast and BRAVE!

300 easy swim and done.

Sample Day 5

easy aerobic ride whatever you have time for 1-3 hours

Sample Day 6

Swim sunday high end aerobic

30x100s on interval giving you 3-5 seconds rest at a strong aerobic effort. This will require laser focus to stay on pace the entire set.
there is no warm up. this is to simulate the start of the race, where you have been standing around and haven't had a chance to warm up. so perhaps start with 25 FAST for the 1st 10 x100s or so to get into a good rythm and get into it strong!! be focused. strong, powerful catch, deep pull, finish out the back of your stroke. accelerate in and out of the flilp turns. believe in YOU!! you got this!!!

example: 30x100s on 1:50, coming in on 1:46-1:47 for all. 3 seconds rest and go again!!

8 week intermediate swim block for those wanting SIRIUS IMPROVEMENT!

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