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13 Week Long Course Plan


Scott Foland

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13 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon intermediate advanced masters

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Plan Description

This Long Course distance plan take focus, and consistent effort to execute. This plan ranges between 12 - 16 hours per week and if executed, will provide excellent results. This has a much higher volume of cycling, but you'll still be swimming and running a lot of miles.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:32 hrs 1:20 hrs
7:01 hrs 6:15 hrs
2:26 hrs 2:30 hrs
0:20 hrs 0:10 hrs
—— ——
0:11 hrs 0:30 hrs
0:22 hrs 0:20 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
2:32 hrs 1:20 hrs
7:01 hrs 6:15 hrs
2:26 hrs 2:30 hrs
0:20 hrs 0:10 hrs
—— ——
0:11 hrs 0:30 hrs
0:22 hrs 0:20 hrs

Training Load By Week

Scott Foland

Fit Stuido

Our passion for health and fitness is something we at Fit Studio live out daily. Our method of training and coaching is to educate and motivate the client so they know why and how the body benefits from what they are doing. We believe that paying attention to detail and listening to our clients’ needs is how results are formulated. Coaching and training clients is more than a day to day job, we see it as a privilege and an opportunity to make a difference in those people’s lives.

Sample Day 1

Level 3 August 2

300 s 4x50 dr/s @ 1:00 2x50 build/sprint @ :55 1x800 @ 12:55 2x400 @ 6:30 desc. 2x300 @ 5:30 (1 = pull, 2 = Fast as possible) 2x100 @ 1:50 (1= IM, 2= SPRINT!) 100 ez 3100

Sample Day 2

3x10 mins @ Z3/Z4 - 1 hr---60 min

Warm-up for 10 mins easy, with a few 30 sec surges and long recoveries. Then begin the set of 3x10 mins, beginning with #1 at Z3, then raise the power for each interval after that. Recovery is 3 mins between each interval, and then cool down to make 61 mins.

Sample Day 2

Level 3 August 9

300 s, 100 k, 200 p 1x1000 @ 17:30 (negative split) 1x200 ez (alt 50nf/50fr) 1x200 FAP 1x100 ez 1x600 @ 10:30 pull (breathing every 5-6 strokes) 1x500 @ 9:30 (1st 25 of each 100= nf) 1x200 ez (dr/s by 25’s) 3400

Sample Day 3


Sample Day 4

Level 3 August 14

300 s 12x50 dr/s @ 1:00 (odd=fr, even=nf) 1x600 fr @ 9:00 2x300 p @ 4:50 1x600 fr @ 8:55 2x100 p @ 1:50 2x100 k @ 3:25 100 ez 3200

Sample Day 5

Deep breathing and stretching hips

first 5 mins is just lying on your back, eyes closed and hands on diaphragm. Taking deep breaths, getting longer and fuller as you progress in the 5 mins(longer if needed). Breath in through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.

Focus on your breathing more than the thoughts that enter into your head.

Then fold body into roll ups; arms above the head, rolling up through the spine- extending through the hips and hamstrings all the way out towards the toes; using breath to push you through the movement. Each time trying to become longer, and reaching farther. 10-12 reps; holding the stretch for 5-10 seconds

After roll ups; go into pigeon stretch. Keeping upper body up, but really taking the time to roll forward into the hips and hip flexor. Holding the pose for 30+ seconds to allow hips to release. Drop shoulders, and continue to deep breath.

Transition into child's pose; play with positions. Knees apart, knees closer, deeper seat, or even more of a reach from upper body. Hold each for 30+ s

Last pose to hold, sitting on feet--- from childs pose just sit up. so knees are folded under you and your sitting tall. Slightly lift the chin and lean back from hips so heart and airway is open. Rest hands on thighs, plans face up. Go back into deep breathing. Focus on your body and what it is telling you. Adjust after 2 mins (unless this is comfortable). Hold the pose your body takes you into for 5 more mins, deep breathing from diagram and reminding yourself to drop the shoulders.

Sample Day 6

Long Ride

Today's Ride is about covering the time. If you are feeling good, slow down a little. Riding this long sometimes can be tricky. I'd like to see you cover this ride and run brick with left over energy.

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