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Strength training for athletes- 12 week plan with exercise videos

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Strength training for athletes- 12 week plan with exercise videos


Ben Capper

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12 Weeks

Plan Description

Welcome to my 12 week strength training plan.

A few things before you get started.. please read!

1RM = 1 rep max
Please do not try to find your '1RM' its pretty dangerous unless you are a very experienced lifter and if you have a strength and conditioning coach with you to ensure PERFECT form and technique. Instead I want you to use the following formula to find your estimated 1RM.

Max numbers of reps lifted
Divided by 30
Plus 1
Times the weight lifted
= Estimated 1RM

For example:
If I lifted 60kg for 5 reps and that was near to my max I would do the following...
5 reps/30 = 0.166
0.166 + 1 = 1.166
1.166 x 60 = 70kg for my estimated 1RM

So in the training plan I would need to be lifting 80-95% of that to be increasing my strength and performance.
80% of 70 = 56kg
85% of 70 = 60kg
90% of 70 = 63kg
95% of 70 = 66.5kg

I would then use these weights as aguid in my training plan. The moment you can lift 95% for 5 reps, its time to increase the weights, sometimes 1-2kg is all it takes to reach your max again, so progress sensibly please!

It may also be worth doing a few weeks before starting the plan completely just to familiarise yourself with the exercises and also to find the right weight.

Do a 5 rep max test with the majority of the exercises in the plan, that way you can use the above formula to work out what weights you want to be using during the training plan.

If any of the exercises are too difficult, check out youtube or ask a trainer how to make the exercise easier to do, sometimes its the movements that we do not get, rather than the weight being too heavy.

For all the exercises that have a empty/blank box under weight %RM please add the weight manually after a few training sessions, you will then begin to know what you can and cannot lift for the 5 reps, so play with these ones, starting lighter and building your weights up, until you find a weight you can just about do 5 reps on. Again, make sure you do not compromise your safe form and technique for an extra few kilo's.

Always check with a training if you are unsure.

I have also added in a few extra yoga stretch sessions to help keep the body and joints mobile, and muscles relaxed and stretched ;-)
There are loads more specific body part stretches on my youtube channel if you want to add some extras. Try and do these EVERYDAY, its only 10mins and will make a huge difference to your recovery and performance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email, I am more than happy to help ;-)

Happy lifting and think of me when you are smashing your PB's on the field, track, road or pool thanks to your awesome new strength training plan, you are welcome ;-)

Love Coach

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Other x3
00:30:00 00:10:00
Strength x2
01:17:00 00:45:00
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01:17:00 00:45:00

Training Load By Week

Ben Capper

Capper Coaching

Hi, my name is Ben Capper
I have been coaching for 20 years and have helped many athletes over the world achieve their goals and make their dreams reality. From their first 5k to their 5th Ironman and beyond.
I still compete myself and have recently qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2022.

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