PERFORMANCE Sprint and Olympic triathlon base plan (Block 1 of 12)

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:58
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:58
Training Load By Week

This 4-week training plan is designed to be a reintroduction to training after the off-season with some testing to give you an idea of your current fitness levels. If you enjoy the plan and would like to continue training on a similar schedule, get in touch to hear about our Hartree JETS Online Team.

Each usual week consists of;
- 3 Bike sessions
- 3 Run sessions
- 3 Swim sessions
- 1 Brick session
- 2 S&C sessions

With the programme you will also receive a guide with our training philosophy and a list of how to calculate what zones you should be working in. Get in touch if you have any questions and check us out on social media.

Sample Day 1
Technique / aerobic fitness

Glute Activation: 20 x Slow High Knee (Focus on tensing glute of supporting leg)
5-10 min EZ run

15 mins of EZ run drills (Videos here:

35 mins hilly loop, keeping pace very easy throughout (conversational), but working to feel calves and glutes work up hill sections

c/d: 10 mins Flexibility working from floor up and focusing on hip/glute

Sample Day 2
Strength and Conditioning

Core set:

Shoulder stability:

Shoulder flexibility:

Eccentric Sit-Up x 6:

Aeroplane x 10:

Plank with Leg raise x 10:

Single leg squat x 8:
x 4-6 sets"

Sample Day 4
Short reps below threshold

10 mins building HR to R1 (80% of FTHR)

Session (all at R2 pace,...around 90% of FTP or 86% FTHR):
100m/20secs (jog back x 4
200m/40secs (jog back) x 4
400m/1:20secs (jog back) x4

5min EZ jog

10-15 mins winding run (alternating direction round a track or on a winding path)

w/d: 10 mins very easy. Stretch

Sample Day 5
Strength and Conditioning - Slow circuits

60 sec on, 10-20 off
Slow-mo circuits:

Lying knee Twist (arm up)
Side plank crunches
Romanian Dead lift
Sumo squat
Dips with bent knee
Overhead arm extension
Single Leg Squat on box (hold core tight and keep knee over toes)
Reverse Plank
Clam Glute raises
x 2

Finish with 10 mins of hip and upper leg flexibility.

Sample Day 6
Saturday base building ride

2-3hr ride all in C2

Sample Day 9
Aerobic fitness / body position / drills

25m skull drill, 25m swim x 6 - continuous (30RI)
25m kick drill, 25m swim x 6 - continuous (30RI)
25m single arm drill (any), 25m swim x 4 - continuous (30RI)
25m Kick drill, 25m swim (NO fins) x 8

Main Set
(Take drill focus into full stroke throughout):
1 x 50m any pull drill
3 x 50m pull at controlled pace (20secs RI)
x 3

1 x 50m any kick drill (fins)
3 x 50m pull controlled pace (20secs RI)
x 3

w/d: 100 b/s Stretch!

Sample Day 12
FTP work

poolside arm-swings.
300m very EZ, focus on good form

Drill set:
4 x 25m Skull #1 (Relax, positive catch position) into 25m swim

Repeat with following drills:
Skull #2, combos. FINS ON. Side Kick, 616, broken arrow, pendulum, 636 (you can find videos of all these exercise online).

Session (Last weeks test will have given you your CSS/FTP, here you will add 6sec/100m OR 1.50secs/25m to that pace)):
20 x 50m at FTP + 6 (keep even pace) (15secs RI)

10mins Stretch

Joel Enoch
Hartree JETS Performance Triathlon Team

The purpose of Hartree JETS Online is to allow us to support more athletes than we can accommodate for at our sessions. This also works in favour of athletes who live further afield or those who feel that they don’t need the 121 support provided by attending the daily squad sessions.