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4 Weeks Basic 'Lockdown' plan


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4 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon beginner intermediate power based hr based strength base period

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Plan Description

This plan is built around most peoples current situation of having nowhere to swim and limited time outside to train. The majority of this programme is based around indoor training, but can quite easily be adapted to suit for any time you can actually spend outside. Based heavily around skill development this plan is perfect for all levels of athlete across all distances. You should be currently biking 3-4 times a week and running 3 times a week before starting this programme. This plan uses bodyweight only exercises for the swim replacement sessions, power for the bike and heart rate for the run. There is a planned day off from training every Monday to allow for good recovery, but you can move this around to fit within your current schedule.

You will need a bit of space for the strength sessions and some stretch cords if you have them (no other real equipment required as they are all bodyweight exercises), a turbo trainer with either power or virtual power through Zwift, Trainer Road or other online packages and either a treadmill or some time to run outside (max of 90 mins).


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:52 hrs 2:00 hrs
1:15 hrs 0:30 hrs
3:20 hrs 1:30 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:52 hrs 2:00 hrs
1:15 hrs 0:30 hrs
3:20 hrs 1:30 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Chris Wallace

The Triathlon Coaching Company

I come from a swimming teaching and coaching background and have been working with athletes for many years to help them reach their full potential. I understand the needs, worries and stresses of the busy professional.
Whether you are a current or aspiring age group championship qualifier or a complete novice, I'm here to help. I work with athletes all over the world participating in all distances of triathlon.

Sample Day 1

(OPTIONAL or rest day) 60 min speed skills set (Active Recovery) PWR

Sample Day 2

Swim Specific Stretch and Flex session 1

This session is built around the swimming specific muscles that we tend to see being inflexible and limited in range of movement with our swimmers. Make sure you warm up well before starting these sessions (10mins light jogging will suffice) and then build slowly into completing each of these exercises. Only take them to the point of comfortable resistance and make sure you breathe when you are holding the stretches. They shouldn't hurt!

3x each side 30 Seconds Pec Stretch

3x 30 Seconds Sleeper Stretch

3x 30 reps Streamline Extensions

3x 30 Seconds Kneeling Shoulder Stretch

3x each side 30 Seconds Triceps Stretch

3x each side 30 Seconds Lying Thoracic Twists

3x 30 Seconds Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch

3x 30 Seconds Kneeling Quad Stretch

3x 30 Seconds Standing Calf Stretch

Sample Day 3

Muscular Endurance Run 1 HR

This session is all about being able to hold a race level of heart rate during the longer intervals. This will increase your muscles ability to produce power over extended periods of time.

Sample Day 4

S + C full body - 1

These sessions are designed to hit most of the main body parts utilised throughout the race. Really they relate most basic human movements too. You should be able to complete all these exercises within 20-30 mins. Warm up with some light spinning, jogging or skipping before moving into the following:

2x8 Hop and holds

2x25 Walking Lunges

2x12 Body Weight Squat

2x12 Glute Bridges (make sure you focus on slow and controlled movements)

2x12 Fire Hydrants (again slow and controlled movements)

2x30 Supermans

2x12 Calf Raises

2x12 Side Lying Leg Raises

2x12 Dead Bugs

2x10 Press ups (strict form)

2x30 seconds Plank

2x30 seconds side Plank (2x each side)

Cool down with some light stretching and take on some fluids

Sample Day 4

60 min skill session (out of saddle efforts) PWRT

This session is all about maintaining a consistent power output when getting out of the saddle. We are looking to complete each transition with the minimal amount of variance in your power output and cadence.

Sample Day 5

60 min 8x20 strides and drills

Session Focus: Technique progression and endurance maintenance

This session focusses on developing your running from through the use of basic drills to encourage proper running form. Start off with the 1-2 repeats of each drill completed until your form breaks down. Once complete carry on your run as normal trying to focus on your form throughout.

Sample Day 6

15 min Mini Maintenance session - (swim workouts)

This quick and simple session should give you the opportunity to practice some nice technique and develop your strength a little further. You should be able to fit this in within around 15 minutes and could even complete it prior to todays main session.

Press-ups – 4 x 10 (10 sec rest between)

Lunges – 4 x 15 per leg

Reverse lunges - 3 x 15 per leg

Bodyweight squats – 4 x 15

Crunches – 4 x15

Planks – 4 x 60sec hold 10 second rest

Supermans - 4 x 8 reps each side (left arm right leg, right arm left leg etc) 10 second rest

Flutter Kicks - 4 x 10 kicks (counting right foot only) 10 seconds rest

Stretch Cord Swimmers - 4 x 10 strokes for each arm 15 seconds rest omit this exercise if you don't have cords available

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