Half Iron Distance Beginner 12-week Triathlon Plan by TeamKattouf

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:35
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:35
Training Load By Week

Thank you for stopping by! This plan was designed by Dr. Rick Kattouf and Cameron Dorn. Get ready for a great half iron distance training plan. This plan ranges from 8-12.5 hours and has a great mix of swim, bike, run, and weight training. you will have bike and run assessments that we will walk you through in order for you to determine your heart rate training zones. Also, you will have swim assessments that will keep you sharp allowing you to note progress over time. We utilize a number of bike-run workouts so you can become extremely efficient running off the bike. Have fun with plan and we wish you much success; dream big!

Sample Day 1
Smooth Ride

Nice and smooth ride throughout. The key on this ride is just to become more and more comfortable with your machine. This can be done indoors or outside. Nice and steady throughout the whole of this ride

Sample Day 2
Time Trial Swim

200 warm up
600 time trial, time yourself.
200 cool down

Sample Day 2
Am Swim

200 warm up
300 kick
200 drill your choice
4 by 400 each at tempo pace
1 minute rest in between each
500 BUILD throughout (throughout the interval you should gradually pick up the pace)
200 cool down

Sample Day 3
Bike Assessment

Bike Assessment today. This is where we will determine our HR zones for the bike.
This can be perfomed either outside or inside. I prefer inside due to limited variables.
20 minute warm up followed by this set.
5 minutes max output-record HR......PUSH THOSE PEDALS!
5 min recovery spin
20 minutes of all you got in the tank! Record HR
10 minute nice and easy cool down


Sample Day 4
Upper Body Strength

A bit of upper body strength work to follow the swim. 4 sets of 8 reps for each.

Sample Day 4

400 warm up
100 kick
4 by 50 yd each with 25 yd recovery
4 x 25 yd with 10 second recovery
400 cool down

Sample Day 5
Run Assessment

5k Run Assessment to be performed on the treadmill.
Warm up- 1 mile
Mile 1- 2% grade
Mile 2- 3% grade
Mile 3- 4% grade
Make sure to provide maximum effort throughout the 5k....PUSH IT!

Perform a cool down of at least .5 mile to finish off the day.

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