2020 Q4 Plan - Upated

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2020 Q4 Plan - Upated


Robbie Bruce

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Run, 2 Strength, 3 Bike, 2 Swim

Longest Workout

1:15 hrs swim
1:30 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon beginner intermediate advanced strength base period

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The Q4 and Q1 plans are for any level of athlete with any length of experience. It is very important to lighten the volume a bit when you are outside your "race season." The body needs time to repair and then most importantly it needs time to rebuild. Think of these plans and weeks as the building blocks or the weeks we build your chassis for a strong year. One of the focuses of these plans is running strength and durability. While we keep the runs shorter than we would during the main part of the season we continue with frequency while focusing on leg turnover, mechanics and foundational strength. This sets you up for solid progression though the Q4 plan and onto Q1 right into the main season. We want you to be stronger, more durable and efficient. The cycling workouts in Q4 are focused around the 2 main goals of increasing power and skill work. The skill work will set you up to become a more efficient cyclist. We want the best ROI for you effort. The power goal is simple. We want to continue to raise your ability to push a higher threshold on the bike. As you move through Q4 and onto the Q1 plan in 2019 the workouts will gradually change into sustained power. We have increased your ability to push higher watts or a bigger gear and now we want you to be able to push it for longer. The swimming we will focus on is simple. Short, sweet, to the point. Get faster. Get faster. Get faster. Short but highly challenging anaerobic sessions along with 1 aerobic session to continue building a solid base.

As you would imagine the Q1 plan is designed to build upon the fitness and specific skills developed in the Q4 plan. Attached at the bottom is a screenshot of what week 1 will look like. The Q4 plan is 12 weeks long and the Q1 plan is 8 weeks long. After each block we can connect and determine what you did great on and then what areas to continue to focus on as you move into the next plan period.

Cost :
The Q4 plan (12 weeks) is 180.00. (Add on 40.00)
The Q1 plan (8 weeks) is 120.00. (Add on 40.00)


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:06
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:06
Average Weekly Breakdown

Robbie Bruce

C26 Triathlon LLC

My underlying focus with all athletes is blending a positive life change with performance that extends beyond the finish line. I do not offer "traditional training plans", but a coach/athlete relationship focused on communication and a commitment to the process of getting better every day.

If this sounds like a something you are looking for please feel free to email me to discuss building a strong coach/athlete relationship or on how to approach one of my online training plans.

Sample Day 1

easy / chill 25

Sample Day 2

24 min of big gear

add in 24 min of big gear work in z3 effort/power/HR.

example. 6x 4:00 intervals.

Sample Day 3

(Swim) Endurance Builder 20x100 on 15'

Main Set:
20 x 100m on 15' RI
Each swum easy-steady effort level.

Sample Day 3

30 min run with strides

all easy. towards end throw in some :15 mile pace efforts

Sample Day 4

VO2 1

warm up 20mins then main set of

4 x 3 at 105-115% of FTP. on 4:00 easy.

rest of ride is focused z2 effort

Sample Day 4

z2 run 30

z2 moderate pace

Sample Day 6

Steady Ride 1.15

Steady ride in Zone 2.

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