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4 Week Introduction to Triathlon Training


Scott Berlinger

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4 Weeks

Plan Specs

triathlon beginner intermediate advanced multi day power based hr based pace based strength

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Plan Description

Full Throttle Endurance is the most winning triathlon team in the Nation. The coaches from this 2017 Division 2 National Championship winning team has put together a 4 week training plan that prepares your body for future triathlon training. Here we calculate your aerobic paces for each discipline, we introduce you to training terms and methodology, and show you how to train at these aerobic paces properly. Get ready for a crash course in triathlon training.

You will need:
A Bike, either indoor spin bike or your own, with a power meter
A Pace clock or watch for the Pool
HR monitor for running
App to track distance or GPS watch


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:51 hrs 1:15 hrs
2:33 hrs 1:31 hrs
2:03 hrs 1:15 hrs
1:00 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:51 hrs 1:15 hrs
2:33 hrs 1:31 hrs
2:03 hrs 1:15 hrs
1:00 hrs 1:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

David Martin

Full Throttle Endurance

Full Throttle Endurance has won more team championship titles than any other amateur triathlon team in the nation. We offer the most comprehensive training plans conceived by our staff of USAT certified coaches across several locations in the Tri-State Area. Come train with us and see first hand what we are all about. We offer training tailored for everyone from elite athletes to those who are just starting out in the sport.

Sample Day 1

FTP Test on Trainer

25 min easy pace Z2 60% of known FTP
3x1 min fast pedaling RI: 1 min. (1st 96, 2nd 100, 3rd 105 in Zone 2)
5 min easy riding Z2 60%

Main Set:
5 min all out effort
10 min easy riding 60%
20 min time trial

Cool down
15-20 min

Sample Day 2

Easy Aerobic Run, Phill Maffetone Test

Warm Up 10 min,
10 min easy Dynamic Leg Drills:
2 sets:
10 reps Walking knee to chest stretch
10 reps Walking lunges
10 reps body weight squats
10 reps leg swings in front of and behind body
10 reps leg swings across the body
10 walking heel to butt stretch
30 min Run done at 180-Age Heart Rate. this will feel very easy but it's a great measure for fintess.

Sample Day 3

Finding and setting Aerobic Pace

Wednesday swim: Dec 6th 2017

Warm Up :
300 choice at least 100 kick; 300

Tech Drills = ;400
100 3 stroke
100 finger-tip drag
100 3 stroke
100 Catch up touch

Main Set:
finding and setting AP 100s;

4x 50 kick; R=10; 200
10x 50 swim @ 1:00; repeat 10 in a row same pace (conversational and be honest); 500

100 kick; 100
6x 100 AP @ R = 15 sec; If you can't repeat, your AP is wrong; 600

R= 2:00
Now put it to the test @
300 AP

Warm Down: Easy TBD 100

Total = 2500

Sample Day 4

Easy Pyramid

Sample Day 5

Week 1 FTE Strength Shoulders

1/2 mile loop at AP (Aerobic Pace)

Core: try to rest only 15" inbetween
30 sec plank
60 sec plank
60 sec plank
80 sec plank
30 sec plank right side
30 sec plank left side
30 sec plank right side
30 sec plank left side

Crossovers 4x 10 switch
(On your back, left arm overhead reach to extended right foot)
2x 20 reverse crunches

1/2 mile loop at AP (Aerobic Pace)

Shoulders and Squats

15 Squats with overhead Reach
3x Theraband (15x Press / Front / Side raises )

1/2 mile loop at AP (Aerobic Pace)

Single Leg work:
3x Lunges length of the green; 2nd and 3rd sets arm up full extension

Band work (band around thighs walking sideways)
Abduction and Adduction 3x 10 steps right, 10 steps left

1/2 mile loop at AP (Aerobic Pace)

Total Cardio = 2 1/2 miles

Sample Day 5

Dialing in AP

Sample Day 5

run component of strength

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