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Triathlon: Base Period (Winter, Off-Season) Training, Phase 2: 7.0 to 15 hrs/wk


Gale Bernhardt

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8 Weeks

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Plan Description

This 8-week plan is designed to immediately follow the plan titled “Triathlon Base Training: 8.5 to 13.5 hrs/wk.” This block of training includes more base training; but it is designed for the athlete that has already been training and has a very well established platform of base fitness. The training weeks in this plan are similar to Weeks 15 to 22 of the year-long Olympic distance training plan in the book, “Training Plans for Multisport Athletes.” Subtle changes have been added to improve the training plan and help keep you on track. The online format makes it easy for you to monitor and track your progress. Additionally, you can easily modify and move workouts to meet your personal training needs and I suggest you do so that you can optimize the benefits. This process is not intended for beginning athletes.

Before beginning the plan, have a look at the plan preview. If you have not been following the plan titled “Triathlon Base Training: 8.5 to 13.5 hrs/wk.” you can still use this plan if the first week of training on the plan seems manageable to you. You must know your training intensities for cycling and running. Also, you need to know your T-pace swimming. If you have questions about these terms, see the Supporting Documents you need to help you with this plan at this link.

The plan design includes the option of a 5k or 10k running race on Saturday of the fourth week of the plan. It also includes the option of doing a half-marathon at the end of the eighth week of training. If you don’t want to race an optional workout is suggested.

The first week of training begins at 10:30 hours and progresses to about 15:00. Your longest run progresses to 2:00 and includes the lactate threshold training. Your long bike ride progresses to 3:30 and also includes lactate threshold training. The experienced athlete using this training plan needs to closely monitor fatigue. If the training plan offers more volume or intensity than you can reasonably manage, it is up to you to reduce the training so you can make solid gains.

The next block of training that follows this 8-week block is a race-preparation block, also known as “Build.” That block includes three triathlon race options with the most important race on the last week of the 10-week plan.

You can find more training plan choices at THIS HOT LINK.

Plan is available in the book “Training Plans for Multisport Athletes”

Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:01 hrs 1:15 hrs
2:52 hrs 2:00 hrs
3:33 hrs 3:30 hrs
1:48 hrs 1:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:01 hrs 1:15 hrs
2:52 hrs 2:00 hrs
3:33 hrs 3:30 hrs
1:48 hrs 1:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Heart Rate Monitor

All supported devices

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