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Average Weekly Training Hours 06:53
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:53
Training Load By Week

This plan is built for the intermediate Triathlete looking to race mostly sprint and oyl distance tri's with the possibility of a 1/2 this coming year.
This plan is designed to maximize time in the fall and winter months when training out side can be tough. We have even seen gains in threshold power on the bike and speed in the water and greater efficiency on the run. This is due to a flexible but detailed "focus" periodization we use.
You will see up to 10 hours of training per week depending on the phase.
This plan comes with doc's on managing your plan, descriptions of zones, core strength routines and more. e-mail us at if you have any questions setting up your plan or training zones.

Sample Day 2
Recovery spin

Very easy recovery spin on a mostly flat course in small chain ring. Heart rate zone 1. Light on the pedals. Comfortably high rpm focusing on pedaling skills.

Sample Day 3
Threshold TEST

Threshold TEST:

warm up well. including a few hard 1' efforts. Ride for 40' a non stop, ALL OUT, steady. record your HR for the last 30' of the test. Focus on a steady pace. steady controled effort. your last minute as strong as the first.

cool down at level 1 for at least 10'

record all data (course used, avg/max HR, avg. speed, watts, weather condition, etc)
enter avg power/ HR into your "power zones" a nd HR zones under your settings to determine training zones.

Sample Day 4
Base building

On soft but firm surface, heart rate in zone 1-2 only!! Pretty form and quick cadence.

Sample Day 5
Steady aerobic intervals

Warm up: 10'' (mix of stroke, free and drills).
Steady swim today. rest as needed, work tech.
last 10' of swim breath every 3rd stroke. and maintain speed with good glide.

Sample Day 6
End. Ride

Level 2, steady pace. in control, relaxed upper body smooth lower body.

do 4-5 1' intervals during ride with RPM's at 100 or higher. stay relaxed keep HR down.

~When the weather is nice use these weekend days to ride longer if you like, have fun, and mix it up a bit, group rides, hilly rides, etc. key is to keep thibgs fresh and get in as much riding as possible

Sample Day 7
Aerobic Brick

end ride of 90' Zone 2.
Run: 30' Zone 2. do 4-5 pick ups near the end of the run. fast cadence on a slight down hill. these are for form and neurological durability, not ment to be hard.

Sample Day 9
End. Ride/ stomps

Level 1-2, steady pace. in control, relaxed upper body smooth lower body.
keep it easy and keep cadence on the upper end of your comfort zone.
Durinbg ride do 6-10 Stomps (in the saddle, full effort, 12-15 revolutions in a large gear. 50-60 rpm's. full recovery between stopms.

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