Let The Training Begin

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:11
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:11
Training Load By Week

This a great program for the beginner to the upper level age grouper to keep them going in the post-pre-season and get them in shape for the season ahead. It is a 10 week program with an initial Benchmark Week, where you have the option of sending your results to CWP to establish your zones, followed by 3 3 week blocks of slightly increased focus on each discipline during each of the blocks. Sport specific drills instructions are included to help guide you through the initial weeks of training. Functional strength and stretching programs are also included in the program.

Sample Day 1
Benchmark Swim

Benchmark Swim- 1 hour

Warm-up- 200 easy freestyle as 2x 50 choice drill, 50 freestyle then 2x50 freestyle (25 fast + 25 easy)10 sec rest

Pre Main-4 x 100 freestyle (30 seconds rests) Do these 100’s at what you perceive to be the race pace that you can sustain

Main Set- 400 time trial- give your best effort but try to sustain even pace, i.e. don’t go all out in the first 100 then fade to nothing in the last 100
5 to 8 minutes easy swimming and rest to fully recovery then
200 yards all out swim, leave nothing to spare

Cool Down- 100-200 easy swim, stroke of choice

Sample Day 2
Benchmark Bike-S/O

Benchmark Bike- 1 hour

-perform on a flat or gentle rolling terrain with minimal stops and interruptions

Warm-up- 20 minutes easy ride with 6x30sec high cadence spin- ups followed by 1 minute easy recovery

Pre-Main Set- 2 minute all out effort followed by 8 minutes recovery

Main set- 8 minutes of best sustainable pace trying not to fade at the end nor start to hard
10 min easy spin for complete recovery 8 minutes best sustainable pace, same rule apply but try not to leave anything out there

Cool Down- 4 min easy spinning

Sample Day 4
Benchmark Run

Benchmark Run- 50 minutes

Warm-up-10 min easy warm-up

Main Set- 30 minutes enter into a 30 min race pace run, use the first 10 minutes to find your pace, do not go too hard at the the 10 minute mark hit your lap button on your watch and record the next 20 minutes(best race effort), hit the lap button again

Cool Down- 10 min easy jog

Sample Day 5
Intro Swim

WU- 400 yd, choice of stroke

PM- 8x50 as (25yd kick on back with arms stretched overhead with fins/25yd swim with fins, don't over kick) with 10s rest

MS- 8x25 build 1 to 4 x2 into
8x100 as (evens easy/odds moderate) with 20s rest

focus on form- taut body, good alignment

CD- 200 easy choice of stroke

Sample Day 6

Long easy day, may be a good day for a trail run, just keep it light and low stress
45-60 minutes
don't overdo it

Sample Day 7

Easy trainer ride, nothing over zone 2 please
work on constant tension on the chain and smooth fluid pedal stroke

Option to get go out and ride a mountain bike or easy trail/bike path ride if the weather permits.

60-90 minutes for this ride.

Sample Day 8

Take 20" rest between each set

2 x 50 freestyle
2 x 50 fins - freestyle
2 x 50 pull buoy and paddles
2 x 50 freestyle
1. moderate
2. easy

MS: 1-2x as follows:
Multiple sink downs in deep end - until you’re really comfortable exhaling (e.g. 3 x 3)

2 x 50 easy freestyle B3s - saying ‘bubble bubble’ under the water with each stroke and then take a breath on the 3rd stroke. We simply refer to this as
‘breathe, bubble, bubble, breathe’.

100 freestyle with pull buoy breathing every 3/5/3/5 strokes 

4 x 25 freestyle as:

1.& 3. deliberately hold your breath- no bubbles
2.&4. exhale smoothly – can you feel the difference?!

100 freestyle breathing every 3 strokes – remember to exhale!

CD:100 your stroke choice

Dr. Ted Geddis
Catalyst Multisport

Coaching is not simply writing a workout and sending on it's merry way. It is the coach's responsibility to help you set realistic, obtainable goals, devise a plan to help you achieve those goals and do so without compromising your health and well being.

Utilizing Dr. Geddis’ unique perspective, background and education Catalyst can help you achieve those goals and more.

We offer year-long, race specific and distance specific coaching either locally or through the virtual environment.