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"Your Best Offseason" Training Plan


Ben Bartlett

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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

Looking for a time-efficient, quality-oriented training program to follow during the Fall and Winter to either stay in shape or get into great shape for the 2017 triathlon season? Look no further than this plan. Coach Bartlett's "Your Best Offseason" Training Plan includes highly-detailed workouts that will help you step up your game in no time and be ready to take on the Spring come 2017!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:55 hrs 1:15 hrs
2:46 hrs 2:30 hrs
2:10 hrs 1:45 hrs
—— ——
0:48 hrs 1:00 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:55 hrs 1:15 hrs
2:46 hrs 2:30 hrs
2:10 hrs 1:45 hrs
—— ——
0:48 hrs 1:00 hrs

Training Load By Week

Ben Bartlett

Bartlett Multisport

Aside from competing at a semiprofessional level for the last ten years in triathlon, Coach Bartlett has successfully coached a range of abilities in endurance sport (triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers), from beginners to advanced NCAA D1 graduates from varsity collegiate swim/run programs. Coach Bartlett interacts with his athletes on a daily or bi-daily with feedback. Programs for athletes are built and adjusted on a weekly basis according to how athletes respond to their training.

Sample Day 1

Base Endurance

WU: 4x200 (free, kick w/board, pull w/buoy, catch-up drill)

Pre: 8x25 w/ankle band on 0:05-0:10 rest

MS: 4x400 steady aerobic freestyle on 0:20-0:30 rest interval. Try to sustain a pace or descend the pace over the set.

CD: 100 easy pull buoy only, gentle stretch after

Sample Day 2

On-the-Bike Strength Base Reps

WU: 5:00 small ring only slowly build gearing and effort to moderate aerobic breathing. 5:00 steady aerobic effort at 85-95 rpm.

MS: 9x(2:00 overgear at 70-75 rpm, 3:00 undergear at 100-115 rpm)- Breathing stays aerobic for this, if you are gasping your gears are too hard.

CD: 5:00 small ring only nice easy spin and gentle stretch

Sample Day 3

Strength Reps Base Work

WU: 5:00 slow jog, then 5:00 slowly building speed and breathing, going straight into the main set

MS: 4x(5:00 at comfortably hard effort felt primarily in the legs but sustainable, 3:00 moderate jog)

CD: 3:00 slow jog and gentle stretch

Sample Day 4

Speed-Form Development

WU: 400 free, 200 kick
Pre: 4x50 w/ankle band on 0:10-0:15 rest
MS: 3x(25 FAST, 25 easy; 50 FAST, 50 easy; 75 FAST, 75 easy; 100 FAST, 100 easy)
CD: 75 freestyle easy/25 stroke non-free

Sample Day 6

Base Ride w/Drills

WU: 10:00 build quickly to 85+ rpm, small gearing to start
MS1: 10x(0:30 at 100+ rpm in small gear, 0:30 at 70-75 rpm in big gear). Then 5:00 steady aerobic effort in moderate gear at 85-90 rpm.
MS2: All in small ring easy gear: 10x(0:20 left leg only, 0:10 both, 0:20 right leg only, 0:10 both legs). 5:00 steady aerobic effort at 85-90 rpm.
MS: 3x1:00 spin-ups in small ring easy gear w/2:00 easy spin after each
CD: 5:00 small ring only at 85-95 rpm, lower gearing to bring heart rate down

Sample Day 7

Base Run w/Stride Count Drills

Sustainable aerobic effort throughout. At the 10:00 mark, count right footstrikes for 0:15 at the beginning of every subsequent 5:00 segment, aiming for 22+ (~90 strides per minute or spm). Focus on landing on the midfoot underneath your body to make it easier to get closer to a 22+ count. Be sure to stretch out gently after.

Sample Day 7

2nd- Core and Upper Body Conditioning Circuit

WU: 10:00 aerobic build on the rower or elliptical
MS: Complete 3 rounds of each circuit:
Circuit 1: Upper Body Lactic Acid Clearance
0:30 rope swing SPRINT
10 push-ups
0:30 rope swing SPRINT
0:30 rest between rounds
Circuit 2: Core and General Conditioning
10 burpees
5 horizontal medicine ball wall slams
5 medicine ball vertical lifts above head w/jump
5 burpees
0:30 rest between rounds
Circuit 3: Core Conditioning
5 vertical medicine ball throws against wall
5 tricep dips
0:30 plank
1:00 strong rowing on erg
0:30 rest between rounds
Circuit 4:
5 assisted pull-ups HARD
0:30 static leg raise
5 reverse crunches
10 dumbbell obliques each side
0:20 rest between rounds
CD: 5:00 gentle stretching

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