Intermediate SPRINT Distance Triathlon. 12 Week. 4-6 hrs per week. Includes email access to coach.

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:06
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:06
Training Load By Week

For ambitious Sprint Distance triathletes with busy lives, this achieveable training plan guides you to race day with 7 to 9 workouts per week.

"I am very happy with the results I got from your plan - I came 1st in my age group. Thank you for all your help and knowledge". - Bento Lira, Punisher Sprint Triathlon, June 25th 2017 -

What's Included?

  • Flexible training plan with detailed workouts

  • Email access to coach

  • Full help centre and FAQ support

  • Exportable workouts to your devices

Is This Plan For You?

There are usually 2 swims, 2-3 cycles, 2-3 runs and a strength workout each week, plus a day off. Every 4th week is an easier week. You can move the workouts around to suit your availability. Brick workouts and open water swims are included later on. Training Zones are provided with HR, Feel, Power or Pace. You can start this plan any Monday.

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Still not sure? If you buy this plan and then decide you'd prefer the Novice or Advanced version, email us within the first 14 days and we'll swap it free of charge.



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Sample Day 2
Speed Skill Bike

These short mid-week workouts are well suited to an indoor bike trainer. They are fairly high intensity, so there's no need to make them longer.  

Warm Up:
5mins in Zone 2.
5x60secs as (10secs Zone 5, 50secs Zone 1).

Main Set:
4x3mins in Zone 5 with 2 minute recoveries in Zone 1.

Warm Down:
5mins in Zone 2.

Sample Day 3
Pool Swim: Endurance/Technique

These sessions will be done at lower intensities, but will progress in duration. The goal is to build your swim endurance. Follow the distance guidelines below and don't worry about the time for now. Guide to swim abbreviations is here:

Warm Up:

100FC in Zone 2 +20secs rest,
50DRILL* in Zone 2 +20secs rest,
100PULL in Zone 2 +20secs rest,
50DRILL* in Zone 2.

Main Set:
50KICK with float in Zone 2 +5secs rest.
200PULL in Zone 3 +30secs rest,
50KICK with float in Zone 2 +15secs rest,
200FC in Zone 3.

Warm Down:
100FC in Zone 2

Sample Day 3
Strength & Conditioning Workout

Please click on the link below for your guide to the strength and conditioning workouts.

Sample Day 4
Speed Skill Run

These short runs will maintain and develop your leg speed, in preparation for longer efforts later on. Don't stress about getting the zones 100% right yet, just do your best for now.

Warm Up:
5 mins in Zone 2.
5 mins in Zone 3.

Main Set:
2 x 2 mins in Zone 5.
With 1 minute recovery in Zone 1

Warm Down:
4 minutes jog in Zone 1-2.

Sample Day 5
Pool Swim, Speed

These swims involve effort at or above race pace, with regular recoveries. They will build your speed for race day. We'll start off fairly easy and build up gradually. 

Warm Up
100FC in Zone 2. Rest 20secs.
100 as 50BACK/50BREAST. Rest 20 secs.

Main Set
200FC in Zone 4 + 60 secs rest.
200FC in Zone 4 +45 secs rest.
2 x 100FC in Zone 4 + 30 secs rest.

Warm Down:
100 as 25BACK/25BREAST/50FC all in Zone 1.

Sample Day 5
Aerobic Endurance Bike (optional)

This workout works well on an indoor bike trainer. It's not supposed to be high intensity, so keep a lid on this one.

Warm Up:
5mins in Zone 2.
5mins as (20secs in Zone 3, 40secs in low Zone 2).

4x5mins at the top end of your Zone 2, with 60secs recoveries in low Zone 2.

Warm Down
5mins in low Zone 2

Sample Day 6
Aerobic Endurance Run

A steady run, mainly in Zone 2. You should be able to chat at this intensity.

Phil Mosley
My Pro Coach

I have 20 years experience of helping amateur athletes surpass their goals, while still making sure they have quality time available for family, friends and career. As a parent who works for a living, I know how challenging this can be.

My training plans are intelligently designed around a typical work week. I set proven, time-efficient workouts in mid-week, with longer aerobic workouts at the weekends.

My training plans give you structure, consistency and progression. There are no shortcuts.