Lake Meridian Super Sprint, Very Beginner 6 Week Plan

Average Weekly Training Hours 03:04
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 03:04
Training Load By Week

This six-week super sprint plan is designed for someone who has never done a triathlon and is starting from the beginning. Each discipline is practiced at least twice a week with a choice day to work on the most challenging discipline. The 6 weeks build to race day will get the participant to the finish of the triathlon.

Sample Day 1
Pool Workout 1

4 x25 (rest between for up to 1 minute)

Sample Day 2
Bike Workout 1

Bike for 10 minutes.

Sample Day 3
Swim and Run Workout

Swim: Open Water- head to a lake and get used to the water, if not confident in swimming, stay in shallow area and always swim with others. Spend about 15 minutes practicing swimming in the open water.

Run: Run/Walk for 20 minutes adding in 3 x 1 minute faster pace run/walks after a warm up of 15 minutes. Walk/run 1 minute between each interval.

Sample Day 5
Choice Day

Work on the discipline that will challenge you the most.
Swim- copy Monday's workout
Bike- copy Tuesday's workout
Run- complete the upcoming Sunday's workout today

Sample Day 6
Bike Workout 2

Bike for 10 steady minutes.

Sample Day 7
Run Workout 1

Complete one mile. Depending on fitness level this can be a run, walk/run or walk.

Sample Day 8
Swim Workout 2

4x50 (rest up to 1 minute between 50s)