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12 week Master's AquaBike Plan


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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

This 12 week plan is designed for the mature athlete with some sports background in swimming and cycling and for the intermediate athlete that is specifically interested in AquaBike. The plan includes swimming, cycling and strength training exercises and workouts; there are no run workouts associated with this plan.
This plan is also built around a 9 day training cycle for athletes needing a bit more recovery between high -dose workouts.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
—— ——
0:24 hrs 0:15 hrs
2:08 hrs 1:30 hrs
1:53 hrs 1:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
—— ——
0:24 hrs 0:15 hrs
2:08 hrs 1:30 hrs
1:53 hrs 1:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

Boris Robinson


Individual coaching focused on goal setting, annual training plan, month to month and weekly training plans.

Fees include heart rate and power analysis, limited to unlimited emails, fax and phone access based on select programs.

Half Ironman, Youth Triathlon, ITU Draft Legal, Adult Strength Training. Running, Cycling and Endurance Events


Triathlon (intermediate level adults, youth elite & juniors)

Cycling (Crits and road racing)

Endurance & functional fitness

Sample Day 1

Strength Session 1

WU: Standard board warm up WOD: 3 Rounds 6 Push ups 12 Air Squats 18 Abmat sit ups CD: Good stretches

Sample Day 1

10x50 Pulling sprints

WU: 400 easy MS: Do this with paddles; 10x50 all out efforts; with 3 minute recoveries between sets. CD: 200 easy no paddles.

Sample Day 2

50 Minute 3x5mins 90%FTP

Warm up for 10 minutes easy spinning, loosen and warm up muscles. MS: Ride 3x5 minutes at 90% of threshold or beathing hard, with 5 minute recovery at 80 watts. CD: spin easy for 10 minutes.

Sample Day 4

800 yard Time Trial Swim

Warm up for 400m strokes of choice focusing on long strokes and gentle kicks. Rest for 1 minute. Conduct a 800m time trial and record your time. Record time: Cool down with a 200m stroke of choice

Sample Day 4

Gym WO#1

Good warm up: 3 sets 10-15 Push ups 15-20 Sit ups 10-15 Step ups (using a short box or bench) 3x30 sec planks (both sides)

Sample Day 5

Zone 2 Recovery Ride Trainer

Warm up 15 mins: Start at 100 watts and increase by 20 watts each minute thereafter until legs begin to burn then, spin easily for 5 mins.
40-60 mins: Ride on a trainer. Perform Spin Up’s Every 20 minutes in small chain ring, increasing RPM by 5 each minute until you begin to bounce then spin easily again for 15 minutes @ L2 before beginning again. *Strumming your fingers on the bars and relaxing your toes will help you to remain smoother during the stroke. Focusing on the ball of your foot as the primary point of contact also helps.*
Cool Down: 15 mins @ 60-100 watts spinning easily

Sample Day 7

2400 Endurance Swim INT

Total: 2400 Warm-up: 100 free, 100 with more kick, 100 pull w/buoy only, 100 free (400y) Rest: 1 – 2 minutes Set #1: 10 x 50 freestyle swim; 20 second rest interval (500y) Rest 1 – 2 minutes Set #2: 10 x 100 with fins; odd # 100s: swim with emphasis on kick, 15 second rest interval; even # 100s: with pull buoy and no kick, 30 second rest interval (600y) Rest: 1 – 2 minutes Set #3: 500 free; focus on good hand entry and good pulls Rest:1 minute Cool-down: 200 easy swim, focus on head position during freestyle, the surface of the water should be hitting you 1-2 inches above your hairline.

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