Sprint Triathlon 8 week plan - Including Core & Injury Prevention exercises from Tricia Davis, PT

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:06
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:06
Training Load By Week

Training for your triathlon should be fun and rewarding! This 8 week training plan will prepare you for your sprint triathlon race. It also includes scheduled workouts for core, hip strength and stretching workouts with uploaded attachments, designed by our Physiotherapist, Tricia Davis. Also, there are scheduled rest and recovery days with suggestions for foam rolling, massage and body work to get you to the finish line fit, fresh and injury free. Each week involves workouts to maximize your time during the work week, and longer rides on the weekends to get you prepared for your upcoming event. You can use heart rate or a power meter for this program or just use rate of exertion. A GPS is helpful if you have one, to upload your workouts and keep your online diary for review. For personalized coaching, plans, weekly feedback, nutrition or wellness coaching, please email: tricia@potentialenergytraining.com or visit www.potentialenergytraining.com if you have any questions or difficulty with uploaded attachments. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

Sample Day 1
core fun AA

These core exercises will strengthen the all important powerhouse !!! Start out easy, you will be sore from these if you do them right.Do 3-5 sets of each exercise, or follow the specific instructions-rest as you need to between sets and reps - but don't linger!
-dynamic planks-
-V sit variations-
-side planks on knee-
-weighted ball rotations-
***see attachment***

Sample Day 1
Stretch Recovery- shoulder/post leg

These stretches if done consistently will help to keep injuries at bay. Try to make your body balanced with regard to left vs right sides. The stretch should be a comfortable lengthening feeling, not pain.
Perform 3 sets of 30 second holds (use timer) of the following:
- shoulder rotation with strap - see attached
- upper traps neck stretch - see attached
- T and W stretches lying with foam roller down the spine- knees bent so you don't roll off to one side- stretch both arms away from each other and ease down toward floor in a T- then in a W- 3x30" each- when done with stretching lie on floor with foam roller out for a minute or two to allow the spine to decompress. If it hurts your neck use a pillow- the roll should be under your tailbone all the way to your head.
-down dog- see attachment

Sample Day 2
Fartlek Fun Run

Fartlek just sounds like fun!!
See attached file for running workout descriptions. Save for future use.
today is a fun day- just run how you feel.
Have a great time!

Sample Day 2
Foam Roller session

Lie on a long foam roller (if you have one) lengthwise and line it up with your spine. Bend your knees and rest your head on a small pillow on top of the roller if the back of your head does not touch without forcing it.
Rest the back of your hands on the floor and spin your palms up to the ceiling to open the chest. Lie there for 2-5 min and relax.
Then turn the foam roller sideways and roll out your buttocks, hamstrings, calves, ITB, quads ( with special attention to the inside and outside of the thigh).
Lastly roll out the lower, mid and upper back keeping your hands clasped behind your head to support your neck as needed. Arch your back to conform to the roller if you can without any pain.
If you find a really sore area, linger there for a few extra seconds- otherwise 5-10 rolls on an area should be sufficient.

Sample Day 2
Muscle Tension Intervals 3x5 min

Muscle Tension Intervals involve using a very hard gear (big ring) and high resistance. For the duration of the interval, you want to keep your rpms between 40-60rpms. Your effort will be moderate. Find a hill, a headwind, or a grassy park to add resistance.

Warm-up for 10-15 min.
Then do:
3x5 minutes ON, 5 min OFF.
Keep rpms between 40-60 during the interval
Before, in between, and after each interval, spin at zone 2 or endurance pace.

Sample Day 3
Timed 100 test

Warm up: 10 min easy mixed strokes
Main Set:
- hit lap before and after each 100
- perform 5x100 with :30 sec rest between each 100
- relax for 2 min, then do it again
- 5x100 with :30 sec rest interval
- rest 2 more min then do :
1x100 more if you are not too tired!!

Cool down: 5 min easy with a form focus (reach for the wall, roll to your side to make yourself as long as possible, lengthen from your fingertips to your toes...)

Sample Day 4
core fun BB

-rest as you need to between sets and reps - but don't linger!
-bridging on ball
-monster walks
-forearm planks
-donkey kicks
**see attachment**

Tricia Davis
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If scientific, result based coaching is what you need, let us help you take your training to the next level. When time is tight you need proven strategies to make the best use of your time. USAT and USAC certified cycling and triathlon coach and Physical Ttherapist, Tricia Davis can build a simple and effective plan to reach your goals while preventing injuries.