Sprint Distance Triathlon: 12 week novice program


Steve Lumley

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 2 Swim, 2 Run, 2 Bike

Longest Workout

0:45 hrs swim
2:00 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint beginner

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Designed by Steve Lumley (BTF L3 coach, MSc) . This plan draws on Steve’s 25+ years of triathlon racing and coaching experience. Steve works on a daily basis with all levels of athlete from complete beginners to talented elite, youth, junior, and student athletes. He has coached national youth, junior, student, elite and age group medal winners.

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Please visit us on the web at www.stevelumleytriathlon.com or email Steve at: tricoach.lum@gmail.com

This plan is targeted at a novice triathlete, aiming to complete a 'Sprint' distance triathlon possibly for the first time. It assumes good general health and fitness background with some experience of swim, bike and run. Training plan volume is between 3 and 6 hours per week. The weekly schedule typically includes 2 swim sessions, 2 bike sessions and 2 run sessions. One or two ‘strength’ / conditioning sessions each week are recommended in addition to the swim, bike and run sessions detailed.

“Safe to say I nailed it… Entirely down to following the training you set out. I can’t thank you enough, I would never have reached my best without your help.”

(Keith Sanders)

“Thanks Steve. I have really enjoyed the training sessions so far and I am confident this plan will help me achieve my goals.” (Todd Ohlmeyer)


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:30
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:30
Average Weekly Breakdown

Steve Lumley (MSc)

Steve Lumley Triathlon Coaching

'Ironman' / Long distance triathlon.

Elite, draft legal triathlon from developmental to elite levels

Please contact Steve for details and costs of various levels of individual coaching.

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Sample Day 1

Continuous swim

5 minutes alternating with different strokes

while warming up.

main set: 10-minute steady swim. Swim without stopping. Count your strokes on the first 25 of each 100. Are they staying constant?

Warm down: 5 minutes very easy. Choice of strokes

Total: 20 minutes

Sample Day 2

Strides, 4-5, relax

30 minutes steady with 4-5 strides

Strides are 20 to 30s of fast relaxed running every 3/4 minutes. Maintain stride length rather than increase it, and work on as high cadence (stride rate) - cadence should be 90+ (ie right or left foot contacts the ground 90 times per minute.

Sample Day 3

Trainer or road--dominant leg

45 minutes steady ride with 10-15 mins of pedalling drill: 1 leg does 90% of the work until fatigue. Then the other takes over.

Sample Day 4

Aerobic ints

WU: 50 swim easy, 50 kick easy, 50 swim moderate, 50 kick moderate, 50 swim build speed, 50 kick build speed.


4 x 100 (15s rest). All at aerobic effort—easy breathing.

WD: 100 easy swim.

Total: 800

Sample Day 5


35 mins steady run

Sample Day 6


45 mins steady ride

Sample Day 6


10 mins easy run straight after the bike

Sprint Distance Triathlon: 12 week novice program

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