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Sprint Triathlon with Yoga


Sage Rountree

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12 Weeks

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Plan Description

This plan, designed for athletes of all speeds and backgrounds, prepares you for a sprint-distance triathlon over 12 weeks. You'll use yoga to complement your swimming, cycling, and running, and you'll build mental focus as you prepare to enjoy your race.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:49 hrs 0:45 hrs
1:13 hrs 0:34 hrs
1:52 hrs 1:00 hrs
1:03 hrs 0:55 hrs
1:05 hrs 1:25 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
1:49 hrs 0:45 hrs
1:13 hrs 0:34 hrs
1:52 hrs 1:00 hrs
1:03 hrs 0:55 hrs
1:05 hrs 1:25 hrs

Training Load By Week

Sage Rountree

Sage Endurance

Bringing meaning to your workouts! Quality over quantity; a purpose for everything. Incorporating yoga, Pilates, and meditation for strength, flexibility, and focus.

One-time start up fee: $500. Then, you can choose to pay up front for one quarter (three months): $1200; one half year: $1850; or one full year: $3500.

All of these options include an individualized plan, updated weekly, and as much communication as you want.

I also offer one-on-one coaching, yoga, and/or Pilates for $150/hour.

Sample Day 1

Rest day practice (45 minutes)

Follow the sequence outlined under "exercises & intervals." Alternatively, attend a gentle or restorative yoga class. It's useful to study with a live teacher periodically, to ensure you're practicing the poses safely and with good alignment.

Sample Day 2


Your longest swim of the week. Warm up for 4 x 50–100, resting as needed; follow with 4 x 50 drill or kick. For the main set, swim 10 minutes continuously (or as long as you can). Follow with 4 x 50 easy to cool down.

Sample Day 2

Post-swim routine

Click "exercises & intervals" for instructions on the five-pose post-swim routine:
Downward-facing dog
Plank pose with leg lift
Puppy pose
Locust pose, arms extended, flutter
Child's pose with side stretch

Sample Day 2

Post-run routine

Follow the sequence below, with details under "exercises & intervals." Standing pigeon pose with chest stretch, 10 breaths per side Squat Twisting lunge, 10 breaths per side Reclining eagle twist, 10 breaths per side Legs up the wall, 5+ minutes

Sample Day 2


Run easy to medium but with best form. Stand tall, land lightly. If you are new to running, add walk breaks as needed.

Sample Day 3


Your hardest ride of the week. Start with 10 minutes easy riding, then choose a sustainable gear and do 6 x (45 seconds very hard, 3-5 minutes easy). Finish with another 5–10 minutes of easy riding.

Sample Day 3

Post-bike routine

Follow the routine below, with details under "exercises & intervals." Chair pose, 10 breaths Dancer pose, 10 breaths per side Pyramid pose, 10 breaths per side Supported fish pose, 2–5 minutes Supported bridge pose, 2–5 minutes

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