Sprint Triathlon with Yoga

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:06
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:06
Training Load By Week

This plan, designed for athletes of all speeds and backgrounds, prepares you for a sprint-distance triathlon over 12 weeks. You'll use yoga to complement your swimming, cycling, and running, and you'll build mental focus as you prepare to enjoy your race.

Sample Day 1
Rest day practice (45 minutes)

Follow the sequence outlined under "exercises & intervals." Alternatively, attend a gentle or restorative yoga class. It's useful to study with a live teacher periodically, to ensure you're practicing the poses safely and with good alignment.

Sample Day 2
Post-swim routine

Click "exercises & intervals" for instructions on the five-pose post-swim routine:
Downward-facing dog
Plank pose with leg lift
Puppy pose
Locust pose, arms extended, flutter
Child's pose with side stretch

Sample Day 2

Your longest swim of the week. Warm up for 4 x 50–100, resting as needed; follow with 4 x 50 drill or kick. For the main set, swim 10 minutes continuously (or as long as you can). Follow with 4 x 50 easy to cool down.

Sample Day 2
Post-run routine

Follow the sequence below, with details under "exercises & intervals." Standing pigeon pose with chest stretch, 10 breaths per side Squat Twisting lunge, 10 breaths per side Reclining eagle twist, 10 breaths per side Legs up the wall, 5+ minutes

Sample Day 2

Run easy to medium but with best form. Stand tall, land lightly. If you are new to running, add walk breaks as needed.

Sample Day 3
Post-bike routine

Follow the routine below, with details under "exercises & intervals." Chair pose, 10 breaths Dancer pose, 10 breaths per side Pyramid pose, 10 breaths per side Supported fish pose, 2–5 minutes Supported bridge pose, 2–5 minutes

Sample Day 3

Your hardest ride of the week. Start with 10 minutes easy riding, then choose a sustainable gear and do 6 x (45 seconds very hard, 3-5 minutes easy). Finish with another 5–10 minutes of easy riding.

Sage Rountree
Sage Endurance

Bringing meaning to your workouts! Quality over quantity; a purpose for everything. Incorporating yoga, Pilates, and meditation for strength, flexibility, and focus.

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All of these options include an individualized plan, updated weekly, and as much communication as you want.

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