Sprint Triathlon (heart rate based). Beginner level. Includes functional strength. 8 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 05:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 05:00
Training Load By Week

This plan is ideal for a fit athlete who is going after their first sprint-distance triathlon (.25-.5 mi swim, 10-16 mi bike, 2-4 mi run). --- A person who starts this plan should be someone who has some fitness experience, working out between 4-6 hours/week. --- This is a balanced-sport plan, featuring 3x/week of swimming and cycling, and 4x/week of running (with 2 of those runs done as short transition runs). --- The plan offers intensity markers using a 5-zone system, which can be gauged using either heart rate or rate of perceived exertion (directions for determining zones are included in the plan). --- The plan includes functional strength training sessions of 15-25 minutes, three times per week. Only equipment needed for these sessions is a resistance band and a stability ball. Alternatively, the exercises can be altered as you like to be done with no equipment. --- Athletes who purchase this plan may have access to our private Facebook Group. Email maria@nolimitsendurance.com for access. This space offers a place to ask training and racing questions, and get advice from fellow athletes as well as the No Limits Coaches. --- Join us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/nolimitsendurance. Be sure to tell us how the race went! --- If you have questions, please email maria@nolimitsendurance.com.

Sample Day 3
Bike HR calculation

**This assessment should be completed on a trainer for safety and consistency. We do not recommend that you attempt this on an open road.
- 10 minutes, easy spin. Shift through your gears.
- 1 minute high cadence (easy gear but without bouncing in the saddle)
- 1 minute easy spinning recovery
- 2 minutes high cadence
- 1 minute easy spinning recovery
- 1 minute, 90-95 rpm, build to hard. (Bring the intensity up gradually over the first 30 seconds and holding the effort)
- 2 minutes easy spinning recovery
- 1 minute, 90-95 rpm, build to hard. (Bring the intensity up gradually over the first 30 seconds and holding the effort)
- 5 minutes easy spinning recovery
**Be sure to hit the lap button on your bike computer/HR monitor before and after starting each 8 minute segment.
2 x 8 minute, all-out effort, with EASY 10 minute spinning between each effort
*Think about hitting your top effort about 1 minute into the test. Take the first minute to build into it. Use the last minute to really open up the effort hard.
*Shoot for a cadence around 90 rpm
easy spin 10 minutes

Sample Day 6
Setting Run HR zones

For safety and consistency, we recommend doing this assessment on a treadmill or on a flat, quiet stretch of road.
Don't eat anything heavy 2 hours prior to doing this workout.
If at any time you feel light headed or nauseous, do not continue the session.
Light core & dynamic stretches (see paper clip icon for list of potential dynamic stretches

Run 10 minutes easy
3 x 30 second strides, followed by 30 seconds easy jog between. (*a stride is a quick burst of speed, where you accelerate for the first part, maintain almost max speed for the middle and gradually decelerate for the remainder. You should concentrate on good form and fast feet)
Run 2 minutes easy.
Immediately following the warmup, you will run for 20 minutes at the fastest pace you can sustain for this duration. Be sure to hip the lap timer when you start and end this segment. We will want the average and max pacing information for this portion.
Walk or jog EASY for 10 minutes
Stretch - see post workout stretches in the exercises and intervals tab
In your log, please note:
- upload relevant data files
- Total time
- total distance
- Distance for the 20 minute TT
- Rate of percevied exertion for the 20 minute segment (Using the numbers from the Borg Scale we emailed to you)
- Your comments and feelings about the time trial

Sample Day 9
Steady base run

WARM UP Light cardio warm up, such as walk/jog or core work. Dynamic stretches. --- MAIN Take the first 10-15 minutes to warm up easy into the run. (as you need) Run at a steady, zone 2 effort. Think about building from the bottom to the top end of this range over of the duration of the run. --- AFTER Stretch

Sample Day 9
(0600) Distance Builder

*Take 20-30 sec rest between sets as needed to regain breath. Don't start the next set if you are out of breath. -- 4 x 25 breath practice/kickboard 4 x 25 free 2 x 50 free 4 x 25 free *extra 30 sec rest beyond regular set rest. 2 x 50 free 4 x 25 free

Sample Day 10
Cadence mix

The primary purpose of this ride is to improve your pedaling efficiency, while also working on endurance.
10 minute warm up
5 x:
- 1 minute - 100+ rpm steady
- 2 minutes - 70 rpm, steady
- 2 minutes - 85-90 rpm, steady
- 1 minute - easy spin, recovery
Cool down 5 minutes

Sample Day 10
Transition run - easy

Easy run, off the bike. - Concentrate on light steps, proud chest, proper landing. Take the time to find your rhythm. Think about quick turnover (cadence).

Sample Day 10
15 Minute Core Challenge #1 ne

Do this workout as a circuit, either 1) 10-30 repetitions, or - 2) spending 50-55 seconds per exercise - With either option, take 5-10 seconds to switch exercises. - Complete one set of each exercise continuously to complete one round. Complete a total of 3 rounds. - The level you choose depends upon your ability to complete the repetitions with perfect form. Do not compromise form for quantitity. - *The number of repetitions is based upon your fitness and your ability to maintain perfect form for the duration. It is better to do less repetitions with perfect form, than more with improper form.

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