Webe 10 week sprint distance training plan.

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Webe 10 week sprint distance training plan.


Dara Wittenberg

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 2 Bike, 2 Swim, 1 Brick, 2 Run

Longest Workout

0:45 hrs swim
1:30 hrs bike
0:50 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon sprint beginner

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This plan assumes you can:
1) Swim one lap (50m) of a pool non-stop.
2) Bike for 30 minutes continuously.
3) Run for 30 minutes continuously.
And in 10 weeks you will be ready for your first sprint distance triathlon!


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:04
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 03:04
Average Weekly Breakdown

Dara Wittenberg


Detailed, personalized plans and advice on training, racing, and improving your performance. We will dial in training and racing intensities using power, HR, RPE, and cadence. We will utilize mental skills training to make you pro- level tough and ready to handle anything race day can throw at you, and we will use drills to improve form in all three disciplines.
$400/ month and tailored around your goals, abilities, and lifestyle.

Sample Day 1


WU: 5 mins easy, then 4 reps each of the drills with 1 min rest intervals (RI’s), then ride at RPE 6-7 (moderate effort) trying to smooth out your stroke. The drills serve two purposes: they allow you to work on your stroke so that you become more efficient and get more bang for your buck, and they help to warm you up. Doing the drills at the beginning of the workout allows you to do them when your body is fresh so you can do them perfectly without fatigue affecting your form.

Sample Day 2


Read over the form points covered in the info sheet and then do 4 x 25m of each drill, with as much rest as you need between repeats. Swimming is the most technical and form dependent of all 3 sports and requires patience! Do not rush the drills, and focus on one form point at a time per drill.

If you have access to a swim instructor (ask at your local pool, or look online at www.usaswimming.org). This workout could be replaced with a coaching session. It will be money well spent!

Use fins for the drills as it will make them much easier and you can focus on the form points more.

Sample Day 3


Warm up (WU)- as with all the workouts, the first 10+ minutes are spent gradually warming up. A good warm up will allow you to work hard during the rest of the workout.

Main set (MS).
Once you are warm do 2 of each of the drills listed in the info sheet. 60-90" walking recoveries.
Focus on keeping a high cadence and a mid-foot landing.
When doing the strides- think of them as relaxed speed- ease on up to the fastest pace you can hold with good form. Don't force these.

Once the drills are complete, run for remaining time at a moderate effort, trying to incorporate the form points you were working on during the strides.

Cool down (CD) 5 mins easy.

Sample Day 4


WU: 10 mins spinning at a comfy cadence in the small chain ring (the what your pedals attach to).
MS: 4 x 30 seconds of each drill (1 min RI). Once these are complete, ride at a moderate effort for 20 mins. During this ride, Work on bike handling skills: steer with your hips, not your hands, and practice cornering. As you corner, keep your outside pedal down and look through the corner to where you are going (not the ground directly in front of you).

Sample Day 5


WU: 2 x 25m of each drill, with as much rest as you need between repeats. Really focus on rotating evenly to both sides today. Notice which side you have a hard time breathing on. Are you rotating enough to that side so you do not have to lift your head to breathe?

MS: 5 x 50m easy w/ 30 seconds RI's. Focus on rotation to both sides during the main set.

CD: 50 m easy.

Sample Day 6


WU: 10 mins easy. Then 1 each of the running drills detailed in the info packet with walking recoveries.

MS: Base run at RPE 6-7 (moderate effort) for 25 mins.

CD: 5 mins easy.

Sample Day 8


WU: 5 mins easy, SCR.
4 x 45-60 seconds for each of the drills (1 min RI's). Focus on keeping your heels down throughout the stroke,
MS: 4 x 3 mins tempo effort with 1 min RI’s. Tempo efforts should feel comfortably hard- the rhythm of your breath will help you ID it. When these are done, ride at a moderate pace till the cool down.
CD: 5 mins easy.

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